Wednesday, 17 February 2016

13:40 – Another inch or three of snow overnight, although it’s currently just over freezing so it won’t last long. Our front lawn was solid white this morning, but it’s already mostly green/brown.

Barbara’s in the den putting together Petri dish bags for biology kits while she watches the last-ever episode of Mad Men. I gave up on it after the first two seasons, which were decent. It jumped the petunia in season three, and has been getting worse ever since.

Question from Jen. She’s been reading a lot of prepper fiction, and it seems as if the characters always have $600 red-dot sights (if not $4,000 NV sights) on their AR’s and AK’s. Jen wanted my opinion about whether I thought they needed to spend so much money on these things. I told her that, speaking as someone who’s never been in a firefight, I thought these expensive sights were a low-priority item. Jen and her family all make decent money, but I told her I wouldn’t spend $600 per gun let alone $4,000 unless and until they have the basics very well covered, with redundancy. I suggested that she instead do what I did: buy a small container of UV glow powder and us it in colorless nail polish to coat the tip of the front sights and outline the rear sights of each of their weapons. That gives them reasonably good night sights for all of their rifles and pistols for under $10 total. The best glow powders (green) remain bright enough to be visible in the dark for several hours after brief exposure to direct sunlight, and they can always buy a few $3 UV FLASHLIGHTS to activate the glow powder as needed without destroying their night vision.