Monday, 29 February 2016

10:34 – Barbara is at the gym this morning, as usual on MWF. Colin is barking frequently, as is usual when Barbara is not at home. The wind is howling, as seems to be the usual here. Not surprising, considering that we’re on top of the mountain. I think I just saw a couple of cows roll by, end over end. If it’s like this year-round, I’d consider installing a wind generator. Well, not really. Even in locations with strong winds year round, the cost of wind generation is much higher than solar, and has higher ongoing maintenance costs. Wind is also all-or-nothing. One can’t install a small wind-power setup and then gradually expand it, as one can with solar.

Interesting article on the role of psychopaths in politics. Hint: politicians are, almost without exception, psychopaths. So, this coming November election, like all elections, comes down to which psychopath is going to be running things.