Sunday, 21 February 2016

16:00 – We’ve been working all day building kit subassemblies. That’s what we’ll be doing most of this week.

Barbara mentioned that she’s concerned about my physical condition. When we were in Winston, I at least got a mile or so of walking in per day, taking Colin down to see Kim and Sophie, his little Yorkie dog buddy. In Sparta, I’m getting no exercise to speak of. That and the higher altitude (3,000+ feet in Sparta versus about 850 feet in Winston) has really been taking it out of me. I stunned Barbara by suggesting that I might come to the gym with her. I mentioned weights, and told her that when I was in college and grad school I used to lift 250 pounds. I said I wasn’t in the shape now that I had been then, and told her with a straight face that I figured just to be safe I’d start out lifting only 200 pounds. When I saw the look on her face, I quickly told her that I was only kidding, and I’d probably start out at maybe 50 pounds. She suggested 10 pounds would be better. I found myself wondering if the Guinness Book of World Records has a category for the least amount of weight lifted in a clean and jerk.

We finished getting the first batch of shelves up in the garage. Barbara now has 40 more feet of 1X10 pine shelving, most of which she’s already populated.

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  1. Noticed the Linux Mint download site got hacked:

    ” According to a blog post on the Linux Mint site, hackers broke into the Linux Mint website at some point on Friday and made changes in order to direct users toward downloading “a modified Linux Mint ISO, with a backdoor in it.” Using the hacked version could allow hackers to steal your private information. According to Linux Mint, the hack only affects those who downloaded the Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon edition from the Linux Mint website on Friday.

    “If you downloaded another release or another edition, this does not affect you,” the blog post states. “If you downloaded via torrents or via a direct HTTP link, this doesn’t affect you either.”

    Subsequent reports indicate they got into the forum user database. See .

  2. Lucky us; the Mint we have on wife’s backup laptop was installed months ago. Now she’s on her way to Manchester, NH and needs to call whichever site where she left her Winblows 7 laptop on the last trip down there, to Woburn, MA. And just lost her cell phone today AGAIN and has to take mine AGAIN. This is after she dropped it the other day on cement or asphalt and shattered the front plastic/glass, whatever the eff it is. I have yet to break one of my cells or lose one, over many years now.

    This week I get to screw around getting inspection stickers for two of the vehicles and running the Princessmobile through its scheduled maintenance and get the dealership to locate decent wheel covers for it that will STAY ON.

    Prepping will consist of stocking up again on wotta and canned goods and doing the ham radio license study and firearms-related tasks. If the weather holds, I’ll try to get the rear perimeter fence up and more solar motion-detector floods and maybe even the webcams. I’ll see how our finances are but I wanna also replace the back door, lockset and strike plate and frame ASAP and finally finish our living room ceiling. After that, the electrician and plumber in here, and then the rest of the new windows and shutters.

  3. Weights are great even for old people (lol). Studies have confirmed this. I’d recommend some type of HIT program, Zumba, MixFit, etc., plus some type of flexibility and isometric program. I’m using P90X3 myself and it works in only 30 minutes a day. Weight, HIT, yoga, mobility routines are in it. Borrow it off the intertoobs, if you like it, buy it. There are other 30 minute style HIT programs all over KA torrents.

  4. Sometimes, the bar alone weighs 45#. Have you considered a rowing machine? The simple folding style with two shock absorbers and a sliding seat is what I have. I put it in the corner behind the armoire whem I’m not using it. Efficient, full-body workout. Low impact.

    Thanks for the tip on LM 17.3. I use LM 13.something on my machine (Maya). The browser (firefox) seems to get bogged down fairly quickly. I even see dialog boxes about “unresponsive scripts”. I don’t know if that has to do more with the platform running on the hardware, or the pages trying to do more than I want them to.

    If you’re taking requests on PA novel, don’t. I’d like to see you resume the lab video series. Cherrypick all you like- plenty of items are common enough that everybody else has done them. Expand the format to knclude the other things you do. I know there are plenty of prepper videos out there too, but not as many by gardening chemist PhDs

  5. RBT, now would be a very good time to verify your doctor participates in your Obamacare plan and if your “high deductible” health plan includes a physical exam. Since by your own admission your activity level and environment have changed, a physical exam before starting an exercise program would not be a bad idea. Also, starting slow and building gradually would be a good idea. Be grateful I’m stopping there and not sending your the set of dumbbells I inherited from my mother.

    If you aren’t around in ten years, where am I going to find science kits for my daughter?

  6. I had a physical checkup less than 45 years ago. No way I’m getting another this soon. Once every 100 years or so is more than enough.

  7. My last checkup was 10 or 11 years ago. My (new) wife nagged me into it. Since then I’ve gone to MDs only for antibiotics. (When I cut the end of my thumb off and put it back on, it reattached fine and started to heal up just fine, but then my hand and wrist started hurting and then the veins in my forearm turned black. I took this as a Bad Sign. Going for drugs when I jammed a dirty piece of metal between my toes was more preventative.)

  8. “…but then my hand and wrist started hurting and then the veins in my forearm turned black. I took this as a Bad Sign. Going for drugs when I jammed a dirty piece of metal between my toes was more preventative.)”

    Nice. So can we just drop the “Mr.” now and start calling you “Doc?”

    In regard to PT stuff, I’m old-skool; pushups, situps, stretching, and fast-walking/jogging, gradually cutting time, increasing speed and distance and weight carried. Knees and hamstrings take a beating, but I’m hoping that fades. The weightlifting I do here is mainly hauling armloads of firewood into the house or hauling wife’s heavy-ass luggage in and out every time she goes somewhere. Of course she hauls it at all the airports and hotels herself. You haven’t lived until you’ve rushed to pick up one of her suitcases and discovered suddenly that it was filled with beach glass that she’d picked up off the Kalifornia shore.

  9. I remember a Candid Camera segment shot in the USSR. They had a suitcase filled with lead that weighed something like 600 pounds, and a helpless young woman asking passers-by to carry it into the hotel for her. After several guys tried to help, with the expected results, a big guy she flagged down bent down and, without apparent effort, picked it up and started carrying it into the hotel. I think he was on the Soviet Olympic weightlifting team.

  10. @ofd, I feel your pain.

    I dropped my phone on friday and shattered the glass. First phone I’ve ever broken. Now I’m looking for the best deal. The companies are no longer subsidizing the phones, so I’ll be out ~$600.

    And I just got the reminder for emissions and reg sticker on my pickup.

    And I have jury duty AGAIN this week. Different court so they can call me 2 x in one month.

    Spent today cleaning up the patio, doing relationship maintenance, and crepe murdering helpless trees. They did their best to fight back, and I’ve got the scratches and bumps to prove it, so maybe not completely helpless.

    My lime is in bloom and budding. My lemon is about a day or two away from blooming. Picked some carrots for dinner tomorrow. Used half the rain barrel since it looked like rain all day. Never got any though.

    Picked up some prep stuff at sales. Got a 220mhz beam antenna for $2. That will go to the hamfest. Gallon of colman fuel for $1. Couple of good metal working books. Passed on the EMT manual and workbook when I saw it was from 1992. I KNOW things have changed since then and while it might be better than nothing if SHTF, I still hope to actually take the class and don’t want to fill my brain with the wrong stuff. Got a metal detector for $2. I’m not sure it’s a prep, but it should be fun with the kids at the beach. Passed up 2 colman stoves. I’m getting stronger, see?

    Decided that since I can’t fit in the EMT course, I’m gonna start working toward my Personal Protective Officer license. There should be some good training in there after the first couple of levels. There are several training programs here, they’re not any more expensive than some shooting classes, and they are concentrated into a few days. The level three course includes range time with a 9, shotty, and rifle. Who knows, guard for hire might fill in some of the empty spots in my paydays. In TX, you need the guard license even if you are just wearing a security t shirt at a concert, or at your church, so classes are very common.

    Sold a sherline mill and lathe. Makes some room in the garage, and I wasn’t using them. I’ve got 2 more sherline mills and two or three lathes, so I won’t miss them. My others aren’t running at the moment, and I don’t know when I’ll get down the project list to them, but they’re there if I have the need.

    I’ll toss out my recommendation for exercise, esp if you haven’t in a long time. I like Tai Chi Chuan, as an exercise form, and Chi Gung for stretching and healthful energy. There are defensive aspects as well, but the usual emphasis is on movement. Slow stretching and working on balance and range of movement is a good thing as we age. One of the contributors to dizziness is often bad knees. It seems that with painful knees, our brains don’t get good feedback from the legs and balance issues can result. I know it’s not the same as the vertigo, but it might be there along with it….

    Nice almost full moon last night, big and bright with a clear sky. Told the grumpy kids we’d get out the spotting scope and look tonight, so of course it was completely overcast. I guess you need to take it when you see it, just like anything else.


  11. Check around, that phone glass replacement is probably about $100. And they don’t subsidize phones but they do give monthly payments.

  12. For several years I have been buying recent model phones rather than the newest. I recently bought a new Nexus 6 from Amazon for $250. No contract. Works great. I upgraded it to Android Marshmallow. Google provides monthly security updates. It’s an unlocked GSM phone which will work on T-Mobile, AT&T or their MVNO’s. If you use Verizon or Sprint, it probably wouldn’t work. I use Cricket, an AT&T MVNO. We pay $90 a month total for three phones. We get unlimited voice, text and data, which is throtled after 2.5 gigabytes of data per phone. The $90 includes all taxes and fees.

    Rick in Portland

  13. I am a couple years older than Bob. I recently retired from a large company after they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I started swimming last month for the first time in over 30 years. I started at 250 yards and am working my way up to 1000 yards. Each time I go, I swim an additional 50 yards. I’m up to 900 yards and will hit 1000 this week. On days I don’t swim I walk with a group of geezers. We meet for coffee and BS and then walk 3 to 4 miles.

    I went sailboat racing on the Columbia today. Not much wind, but it was about 60 and sunny. Most boats didn’t finish that race for lack of wind, but we spent 3 glorious hours on the river.

    Captain Rick in Portland

  14. “…a big guy she flagged down bent down and, without apparent effort, picked it up and started carrying it into the hotel. I think he was on the Soviet Olympic weightlifting team.”

    My next-younger brother was a New England Masters Powerlifting Champion, and could bench-press I dunno how many pounds, but a LOT. And he used to beat the living crap out of a heavy bag until it was rubbished. Now his back and neck are hosed and he’s in pain and discomfort post-surgery for stuff, with a nice long scar down his lower back. My little brother used to jog several miles a day and eat healthy and not drink or dope like me, and now he’s a prostate cancer survivor and has heart trouble, nearly eleven years younger.

    “First phone I’ve ever broken.”

    I’ve got an iPhone 6 and I’ve always had the hard rubber cases around them, so when dropped, nada happens. Wife wouldn’t do it, so now she’s got a broken faceplate; due for upgrade anyway, so the local Verizon store will fix it and we’ll give it to Great-Grandma, who currently has a crappy phone but is married to her iPad at 86. Then wife wants the big iPhone 6 like I have. I’ll MAKE her put the hard rubber case on it, too. And some kind of body-carry arrangement; whaddya do for womyn who don’t wear belts? Loses it outta pockets and pocketbooks constantly, too.

    “…just got the reminder for emissions and reg sticker on my pickup.”

    Inspection stickers for the RAV4 and GG’s Saab. The works for wife’s Saab. Wheel covers and oil change for the Princessmobile, a Toyota Matrix.

    “…I have jury duty AGAIN this week.”

    Wife just got notified that she’s in the pool and could get called. I don’t get called for some odd reason and have never served on a jury, again, for some odd reason.

    “… doing relationship maintenance…”

    They’re almost all high-maintenance, I’ve found so far. And then there’s VERY high-maintenance, and ULTRA high maintenance.

  15. Hah,

    my first thought was just to replace the glass. Looking around, no one seems to do it, because it’s an obscure phone. And then I thought about it, and it never sounded good. I’ve always had to use the speaker. That might have to do with my hearing loss, but I suspect the phone. And it always turns on in my pocket, even when the screen is supposed to be locked, and the battery is worn out, and if it flexes it loses contact with the sim card. So I guess I got my use out of it.

    I priced NIB replacements for the same phone, at $100, but I expect they’ll have the same problems. And there have been MASSIVE improvements since I got it in cameras, screens, and battery life. That means- I’m shopping for new. (The wife says “just get a new one, happy birthday.”)

    I’m pricing ebay, with no tax for unlocked phones, vs switching to verizon at costco, which gets the phone on a payment plan with no tax, and a $200 gift card, vs a new plan with ATT and my own phone. I guess I owe it to myself to look at the other options too. I just never really trusted the companies that ride on top of the majors’ networks. And I’ll be looking at a couple of other sources, including one that always has the cool stuff from asia that will be here next year. I find, like most people, that I’m using the phone for more non-phone tasks than ever. Still don’t want one as big as a cookie sheet though 🙂

    @OFD, anyone who wants to avoid jury duty here just has to say they’ve got a cop in the family. You’re gone so fast your freckles get left behind. (or that you were ever on the other side of that, and then you are gone too.) My questionnaire from last time had a bunch of questions about stuff related to civil settlements as well as the have you ever been a crim, know any crims, think crims are swell… kind of stuff.

    I’ll pay for my parking, disarm, and read in the waiting area for a few hours, then get my $6 check in the mail a couple of weeks later. Really don’t expect to get selected, or impaneled. (huh, I thought that was spelled with an ‘en’ but spellcheck changed it.)

    Except for the disarmed part, it’s not a bad way to spend a couple hours reading during the day (which I don’t allow myself to do normally, or I’d be on the couch all day, every day.)

    and now, to sleep, perchance to dream, probably will, and might even be pleasant.


  16. “@OFD, anyone who wants to avoid jury duty here just has to say they’ve got a cop in the family.”

    No kidding. Or “ever been a police officer or in the military?” Yes. “Well, which one, sir?” Haha. Both.

    “Ever committed any criminal acts or known any criminals?” Yes. “Well, which one, sir…ah…never mind.”

  17. Been summonsed for jury duty in 1992. Served on one jury (six days, IIRC) and wasn’t selected again.

    Nowadays I just have to act normal and I’d get a pass. I think juries should be abolished.

  18. Weights: I’m a fan of circuit training, which is basically weights with no breaks between different sets. The goal isn’t to see how much you can lift, but to go for repititions, exercising all the different muscle groups. The break between different exercises is only the few seconds you need to change to the new machine (or new barbells, or whatever). That way, you get a cardio workout at the same time.

    Once the day starts, there’s just no way I will take the time to go to a gym, exercise, shower, and go back to work. Realistically, it just ain’t gonna happen. So I’ve gotten in the habit of doing a short (20 minute) circuit most mornings, more or less on the way from bed to breakfast. I put rubber mats on the floor in a corner of the basement, added some weights and one multi-purpose machine. Works out well.

    “Now his back and neck are hosed”

    I have a cousin who used to do serious power lifting, and it’s the same story. He’s also a lot shorter than he used to be, no joke, seriously compressed spine.

  19. [snip] And I have jury duty AGAIN this week [snip]

    At ++50 years, and registered to vote since I was 18, I’ve been called exactly once, for federal court duty. We went through voire dire, and then the attorneys explicitly skipped over me & all the other business owners. My younger sister is a defense attorney, and her husband gets as far as his name before the judge sends him packing.

  20. vs switching to verizon at costco, which gets the phone on a payment plan with no tax, and a $200 gift card, vs a new plan with ATT and my own phone.

    If you get an iPhone (5S or better) on Verizon you can use the phone on Verizon’s network (CDMA) or any other network (GSM) except Sprint (CDMA). The SIM slot is unlocked on the iPhone and may also be unlocked on the Android phones. That is crucial for me as I get a SIM when I travel to Europe. Sprint phones can only be used on Sprint and the SIM slot is locked to Sprint. Avoid Sprint at all costs.

    T-Mobile is good but that depends on your coverage. In my area data speeds were down to 2G or Edge which is basically worthless. Verizon has better coverage thus I choose Verizon.

    New Galaxy S7’s are due out.

    They are dust and water resistant and you can expand the storage. The Galaxy’s are really nice devices. May be worth considering.

    At ++50 years, and registered to vote since I was 18, I’ve been called exactly once

    Got called once in my life and sat on a juvenile murder trial. Kid torched a house with a person inside. All the men immediately found him guilty, the women did not as they thought he was just a child that had made a mistake. Bullshit. He was 16 and knew what he was doing. We spent 1.5 days convincing the fembots that the kid needed to be locked up.

  21. Luck of the draw. While I lived in the US (through age 32 or so), I never was called. As both an engineer and a member of the military, I figure it’s likely I’d have been booted before I even got into the courthouse. Maybe that’s what happened, and why I never received summons…

    For reasons I just don’t understand, neither side wants anyone who might actually try to analyze the evidence objectively. Surely one side or the other must believe it actually has the evidence on its side?

  22. I’ve been called several times, had to report 4 times, and was actually on a jury exactly once. It was a mistrial. Apparently they have to establish chain of custody for evidence before the jury can see it, and the ADA muffed it. It was her first trial.

    Fortunately (or unfortunately) they never asked about jury nullification, which might have applied. A young man had an illegal firearm and was so charged. The other things he was accused of were actual crimes, but I had a hard time wrapping my head around the possession charge.

  23. I was privileged to serve on two juries having been called 4 times. I am always upset with the good people who refuse to serve, trying to find every excuse. I’d want those people on any jury if I were the defendant. Just imagine if you were in court, would you want to be judged by welfare queens or hard working men and women who took time out to do a duty for the community? One trial involved a small drilling company trying to sue DuPont. We learned all about oil drilling and quickly determined that the small company had misused DuPont products and was suing because they thought DuPont had deep products. We were ready to find for DuPont when on the last day of trial we were told that DuPont had settled. I told their lawyer he was a fool.

  24. The guy that caused my auto accident about two years ago was high on drugs. I have been to court six times and nothing has been done. First time he did not have a lawyer so the judge set another date. Next court date the blood tests were not back. The next court date the DA wanted some additional blood tests. Next court date his attorney did not show. Next court date his attorney his attorney asked for the case to be moved to criminal court (it was granted), next court date he was supposed to plead guilty or not guilty and his attorney pleaded not guilty. So now on to a jury trial.

    I will get subpoenaed as a witness and the victim. When that will be is uncertain. Probably another three years.

    His attorney did this as the state cannot take the cretin’s license until he has been convicted. His insurance cannot go up until he has been convicted. Being charged is basically nothing. Also when sentencing the judge can only look back 5 years for prior offenses. At the time of the accident he had 3 prior DUI’s. When he finally goes to trial those will have been past the 5 year look back and he will thus have just the one DUI.

    The DA is asking for what I wanted, six months in prison, six years loss of license, and habitual driving offender. Whether the jury will find him guilty and the judge award such punishment is uncertain.

    I suspect the jury will consist of losers with no family and certainly no one affected by a DUI driver. Probably a bunch of fembots who will think he deserves another chance because he just made one mistake. Remember the three prior DUI’s cannot be entered as evidence.

    I am sure I will be grilled by his defense attorney about my driving, could I have avoided the accident, my speed, my state of mind, etc. Anything to place fault in my lap instead of the accused. The fact that he failed a field sobriety test, blood tests came back positive for drugs will not be considered a factor.

  25. “Next court date his attorney did not show.”

    Couldn’t you ask for the judge to enter summary judgement?

  26. Twice I’ve been on juries. First time was a murder trial that was going to be 7-10 days. Lasted a month. Returned a not guilty in less than two hours. The da had only a jail house snitch for any evidence that wasn’t just speculation. Oh there was a good chance he did it and he was real scum, but so was the victim. Turned out he was already serving time but we weren’t allowed to know that until the trial was over. That was the major cause of delays. We spent more time in the jury room just killing time. We were ready to do something to the defense lawyer for raising objections and causing all the delays; if only we could have. Twenty years later Texas tried and executed the guy.

    Second one was going to be 3-5 days and lasted 10. Guy was accused of several charges including resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. He was having a fight with his wife and obviously not really compliant with LE but it became obvious the cops beat him him. The young cop that was assaulted didn’t have much experience testifying and it became clear he was mostly just a lying punk. (no I don’t hate cops and neither did most of the other jurors.) Found the guy guilty of disturbing the peace only. Judge gave him small fine and time served.

    Been called to duty a couple of time and not been empaneled.

    My point is most of it is a major waste of time and taxpayer money. Just paying judges, lawyers and court employees. Sure glad I’m not getting those summons now.

  27. The entire US court system is rigged. Thing is, it’s rigged in different ways by different parties for different purposes.

    Surely one side or the other must believe it actually has the evidence on its side?

    No, because then the lawyers would be putting the outcome up to the logic, knowledge, and judgment of the jurors, and they don’t want that. The lawyers on both sides prefer a forced outcome, a directed verdict. Failing that, they want to manipulate the evidence on which the decision may be made. (Instructions to jurors frequently include telling them they may not base their decision on anything they already knew, only information presented in the trial. That’s a lie, but it’s a lie repeated so often that it has the force of law.) Failing that, the lawyers appeal to emotion, because that’s more controllable than facts and logic.

  28. Couldn’t you ask for the judge to enter summary judgement?

    I was not the plaintiff, the DA was as the DA is the one pressing charges. I was basically not allowed to speak.

  29. The trial I was a juror in was for a guy charged with four counts of culpable driving (an innocent family of four in another car.) His mate was killed, disputed wether the (dead) mate or the accused was driving.

    The judge tried very hard to get us to acquit ASAP. At the end of the prosecution’s case he invited us to acquit immediately. We refused. At the end of the defence case he invited us again to acquit. Again we refused. After the prosecution and defense had finished their crossexamination we got a third request to acquit. Again we said no. The defense barrister saw that his line wasn’t working so he tried some new arguments, that introduced enough doubt that we then acquited the accused. I’ve always had my doubts about our verdict. The local newspaper made a big thing about our refusual to follow the judge’s advice.

    There was a subsequent civil case where the insurance company refused to pay out for the healthcare costs the guy ran up. He lost that case, and the local paper made a big thing about the discrepancy between the criminal and civil verdicts. The difference was that the former required proof beyond reasonable doubt, where as the civil case was on balance of probabilities.

  30. @Nick
    so I’ll be out ~$600.
    How are the pawn shops in your area? Pre-parenthood our Friday nights were dinner at our favorite diner, hitting as many pawn shops as possible before they all closed at 8, and finishing up at our magnificent used book store. We still adore the pawn shops and in our area have found they are a great source for phones – even current generation – at significantly better prices than new. We prefer to purchasing online as we can have our hands on them, though we’ve bought used online successfully as well.

    been buying recent model phones rather than the newest

    whaddya do for womyn who don’t wear belts?
    This may be TMI. When bosom vastness permits, quite a few women up here tuck their phone into their bra. Not sure how well that would work with a large phone…

    Also I hate having a cover on my phone as well and smashed the front of my iPhone 4s. Fortunately repair was cheap. I now use a Magpul case and a tempered glass cover. Max boost perhaps? Anyway I don’t notice the extra weight.

    I have been to court six times and nothing has been done
    I can sympathize. The woman that crashed into me on the highway (no pass zone, following another vehicle, passing multiple cars, on a curve) wasn’t drunk or high. Broad daylight and good roads. She was on her way to a doctor appointment and dissatisfied with the speed everyone else was traveling. Lots of fatalities and road construction that summer.

    It shouldn’t go to trial as she accepted a plea agreement last July. But her public defender and the prosecution office is overwhelmed with work and give every appearance of incompetence as a result.

    No one is prepared at the various hearings (there have been many) and now there’s been another last minute hang up that frankly SHOULD have been brought up last July if at anytime. Depending on how this latest thing plays out her plea agreement could be erased and we could find ourselves starting the fun and games all over again. Oh yay. What really irks me is she has said she caused the crash from the moments after the crash. She has never denied responsibility. And yet.

    This shit just drags on and on. Our legal system is majorly borked.

  31. “been buying recent model phones rather than the newest…”

    Which is the default setting when we get our serial Verizon upgrades to the iPhones; it’s never the latest and greatest.

    Wife wants the big iPhone 6 so she’ll have to find a way to keep from losing it all the time. And not charging it. And losing the chargers. And not cleaning out her voicemail regularly.

  32. Wife wants the big iPhone 6 so she’ll have to find a way to keep from losing it all the time. And not charging it.

    lol! MrsAtoz has the iPhone 6S+. Every trip she comes back without a charger or cable. Those things are expensive. At least I got her to use the clear bumper case. I use the grey one and it saved me when I dropped my 6 whilst checking the mail box. Concrete is unforgiving.

    I tell her to get that cell phone in a tooth I read about several years ago. She doesn’t laugh.

  33. Downside of the iPhone – they use their own damned connector and you’re screwed if you lose it. ANY other phone uses the same as every other phone – Micro USB. Much less pain. That is one of the reasons I’ll never own an iPhone. There is NO good reason to not use an industry-standard connector.

    If the iPhone supports qi charging – go that way. I have one at home, one in the car, and one at work. No more cables to mess with, and I can share without cables. Of course, my android phones all use micro-usb, so cables are plentiful and cheap.

    The switch to USB-C will probably suck, but after a year or so, that should level out as well, as everyone will go there (except maybe Apple).

  34. Apple uses a USB-C on it’s retina Macbook. Nobody knows if it is a test or they’ll switch all their connectors to C. The big advantage (as with Lightning) is plugging it in without having to flip it over.

    I do get off Apple cables and chargers at Best Buy, but still gonna be $20 a trip. Plus *I* have to get them.

  35. Naturally. Spouse loses chargers and cables. Other spouse is responsible for replacing them. Immediately. First spouse won’t listen to helpful advice. Other spouse throws up hands, goes back to minding his own biz.

  36. RE Criminal Justice System: I have one relative sitting on a state supreme court and another who spent 5 years in Federal prison. Both agree that the “justice” system has nothing to do with justice. It’s strictly an adversarial system where each side wants to count the most “wins” and the prosecution has all the power. So the prosecution loads a defendant down with charges then gives them a chance to plea one of the lesser charges even if they are clearly innocent. This is called an easy win. And prosecutors, who are elected, run campaigns on these win numbers not on how fairly they have applied the law. My jail bird relative told me about a technique called diesel therapy where a defendant is kept from his lawyer by being “transported” by prison bus from place-to-place for days or even weeks at a time. This prevents the defense from developing evidence and a strategy before the trial.

  37. The hardcore law-and-0rder types think this sorta thing is great; after all, if you’ve been arrested you must be guilty, amirite? Little thinking that the same sorta deal can be run on them if their guys are no longer in power or simply because somebody decides to mess them up like that. Again, a little stroll through a couple of history books on the subject and one would be conversant in all this, but the rubes keep on fulminating and voting and doing the same old thing, year after year.

    Ex-cop and mil-spec drone OFD thinks they’re all worthless criminal scum who belong in jail, anyway. Then citizen OFD pisses off some Cankles or Obola appointee or bureaucrat somewhere and finds himself undergoing diesel therapy and a long stretch in the prison industry gulag.

  38. Bob, there are tons of good exercise suggestions above. As an adult-onset triathlete, I suggest you start with weights (using a structured program like Stronglifts 5×5) and low-intensity, steady-state (LISS) cardio like walking, swimming, or cycling. HIIT-style programs create a lot of impact and put a high premium on flexibility, mobility, and balance– so they’re great if you have those and not as great if you don’t. Drop me a line if you want more detailed advice.

  39. Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions. For now, I’m just going to up the amount I walk.

  40. Nah, walking is boring. You should get exercise by beating people up. Start out easy, beating up broken-down old grannies with walkers, then gradually increase the difficulty level.

    Important safety tip: do not try to take candy from a baby. Whoever came up with that saying doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Those little bastards are mean when you try to take their candy away.

  41. What Mr. SteveF said: walking, even doing it fast, like me, is friggin’ boooorrrrrrinnngggg. And I won’t wear those stupid earplugs and headsets so I can listen to the latest hip-hop and metal, or, even worse, contemporary C&W.

    Beat people, that’s the ticket! Work out on the old farts at first, like Doc SteveF said, maybe just slap ’em around a little, trip ’em up. Then come down a bit in age, but keep it safe; peeps in wheelchairs and on crutches. Eventually you’ll build up the varying slaps, kicks, punches and get to enjoy this kind of cardiovascular impact exercise.

    Like Doc said, though, don’t go after the babies and their candy; the shrieks alone will blow your eardrums to Kingdom Come; DOD engineers are working even now on recreating that pitch and decibel level for their latest cutting-edge weapons systems involving sound waves.

  42. I much prefer running – I like the sweat. No headphones or anything – just me and my thoughts. I solve a lot of problems at lunch time because I can’t do anything but think.

    That said, any activity is better than no activity. Walking any distance is better than sitting on your butt all day (not that you do, but you get the idea). Even the slowest beats everyone that stays at home.

    Wishing you good health – your contributions to society (and providing this forum) are valuable and appreciated.

  43. Personal Trainer OFD took what I said and turned it up to 11! I approve!

    (I wonder how many people will click that link, not knowing what tvtropes is, and will come up blinking four hours later, wondering where the time went?)

    (I introduced one of my team members to TVTropes a few years ago at the end of the workday. Joked with another of my team members, who was quite familiar with the site, that Scott probably wouldn’t be going home tonight. I was wrong, but not by much — he didn’t leave the building until after midnight, not having realized time was passing until he was about to pass out from hunger.)

  44. I could tell with just one look at that linked site that it would suck up my night somewhat and I just can’t let that happen, not when I have online courses and another episode of the fourth (thank-you Netflix) season of “Longmire.” I’ll be back, though.

    “Personal Trainer OFD took what I said and turned it up to 11! I approve!”

    Hey, that’s just how I roll, man!

  45. On the subject of lost chargers, if you do it while traveling…

    Just ask at the desk if they have any I Phone chargers in the lost and found. Once I discovered this resource (in Vegas, when a friend showed me) I never bought another charger. It works at hertz for GPS chargers too.

    Do it every time you check in until you’ve got a couple extra stashed around.

    Then when you leave yours behind, you can think of it as ‘paying it forward’.


    Seriously, just ask at the check in desk. They’ve got a BOX of chargers under the counter.

  46. Good tip, Mr. nick; I’ll pass that along to the Spousal Unit. Whether she remembers it or not is another story.

    I’ll also tell her to ask if there are any ammo mags or firearms left in that box, too.

  47. “For now, I’m just going to up the amount I walk.”

    Nah, just get a skateboard and a strong lead and let Colin do the walking/running.

  48. I think juries should be abolished.

    Nope. They can act as a check on the cops and DAs.

    I’ve been on a lot of juries, from a worker’s comp case to a drug distribution case to the latest, a husband beating the hell out of his wife in front of the kids. I think we came up with fair verdicts – including acquitting a kid accused of running a red light who actually turned left illegally. We acquitted him because what they charged him with isn’t what he did – the cops were sloppy in their investigation. I think they realized that on the stand. One got a real concerned look when the questioning started to reveal what happened.

  49. Well, did my civic duty.

    45 people, no one empaneled. All 8 courts cleared their dockets without trials.

    5 hours of lost productivity.

    At least this court has free parking. Before gas and mileage, I’m up $6. Woohoooo!

    This was the traffic court, barking dogs, and code violations court. I’m pretty glad I didn’t have to sit thru any of that nonsense.

    I did have to sit thru 5 hours of CNBC and MSNBC and Senor Stompyfoot talking about being on the right side of history and how they won’t hate us so much if we just ‘let it go’………

    The ads were as bad as the content. Who watches that crap? Brand new drugs for every ailment, identity theft protection, more drugs, reverse mortgages…the hucksters are just LINED up to take your cash.


  50. “The ads were as bad as the content. Who watches that crap?”

    Good question. Ten minutes and I’m ready to blow up the entire block, not just the tee-vee; it’s that maddening. The ads come on constantly and take up, seemingly, a full third of any tee-vee hour, usually obnoxious and at twice the decibels of whatever show or program, selling us junk made by Chicom slave labor and snake oil here. Yet zillions of Murkan derps, including all of my siblings and their chillunz, sit in front of that shit every fucking night, mesmerized. It’s sick, I tell ya. Since the NFL season ended, we haven’t watched our tee-vee, and during that season I had other stuff I was doing during the commercials and mentally blocked them out. I dunno if I’ll make it this next season; of course by then we all may have much more serious stuff to worry about.

  51. I’ve been watching with Tivo and commercial skip for so long, seeing commercials is very strange. During the day, they’re mostly for crap that would have been late night infomercials ten years ago. I think, based on the commercials I’ve seen, the only people who watch daytime TV are the sick, old, infirm, and weak of mind. It’s a bit shocking really to see where the ads are aimed. (and that’s for relatively high brow shows, when I’m at my barber’s it’s even more horrific as he keeps the TV on afternoon talk and tragedy exploitation shows.)

    There are people I know and love who watch tv, and I hate to think that they fit those groups.

  52. “There are people I know and love who watch tv, and I hate to think that they fit those groups.”

    Welcome to the club.

    I’ve also noticed from reading the tee-vee listings in the local weekend rag that even the paid cable channels run crappy movies that were out twenty or thirty years ago, nothing worth watching other than very occasionally on the AMC and TMC channels and usually late at night and wee hours. That Minow guy sure had it right when he called it a wasteland.

    Nights is what I’ve seen mostly, when visiting family and suchlike; amazingly stupid stuff and again, the ads on every ten minutes at ear-splitting volumes. Yet they sit there and watch that shit night after night, and if they’re Fox nooz fans, that’s where they get their political opinions. Nobody cracks a book, ever. Meanwhile wife and I are at the opposite extreme, I guess.

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