Thursday, 11 February 2016

10:16 – Barbara is headed down to Winston to run errands and have lunch with a friend. Before she left, she followed me over to B&T Tire, where I dropped off the Trooper to have the check-engine light problem looked at. The guy seemed to think it’d be a minor issue, and I told him to give it a good once-over while he was looking at it.

I ordered a new Kindle last night, the basic Touch model. I was about to order one at $80 a couple days ago, but they frequently go on sale. Sure enough, last night the Amazon main page had it on sale for $60, so I ordered one. I’m afraid my current one is about to fail, so once I get the new one I’ll hard reset the old one and keep it as a spare. The new one will never connect via WiFi, which has caused major issues in the past with both Barbara’s and my reading Kindles. Also, Amazon has no need to know everything I’m reading.

I was pleased the other day to learn that USPS had not only restored support for Regional Rate boxes in their Click-N-Ship website, but had them priced at Commercial Base Pricing instead of retail. I’d planned to drop and start using Click-N-Ship again. As of yesterday afternoon, I’d used up all but $0.20 of the pre-paid postage in my account, and planned to use Click-N-Ship to run postage labels this morning for any overnight orders. Well, sometime between a few days ago and this morning, USPS eliminated CBP for Regional Rate boxes and started charging much higher retail-like rates. So it’s back to or one of its competitors. Now that I can’t trust USPS, I should check out all the third-party alternatives. One that looks better than is They even have a starter plan that’s free (other than postage costs) and allows one to ship up to 50 packages a month. I’ll probably sign up for that and give it a try for a couple of months.