Wednesday, 24 February 2016

14:11 – Barbara is downstairs filling and labeling vials of l-glutamine and oxytetracycline for biology kits as she watches Netflix’s House of Cards. I told her that I had no interest in watching a series that features lawyers and/or politicians, particularly one that presents them as the Good Guys, nor any series (like any by Shonda Rhimes) that features prog propaganda, nor anything that has embedded commercials or a laugh track. That limits my viewing choices significantly, which from my viewpoint is a good thing.

We got our electric bill yesterday. It was something like $177 for the month, which included a lot of days with temperatures well below freezing and often down into the single digits F. Considering that we have electric heat via a heat pump, I didn’t think that was bad at all. I asked Barbara, and she said it was comparable to the bill for our Winston-Salem house if you combined the electric and natural gas bills.