Saturday, 13 February 2016

07:18 – We’re still plugging away on getting things unboxed and organized. We periodically find an Easter egg. Yesterday, Barbara shouted up that she’d just found a 1,400-round bucket of .22 LR ammo, which she’d just put on the ammo shelves. She’s uncovered lots of stuff that I’d forgotten I had or thought I’d lost.

My new Kindle showed up yesterday. I have to say that I hate the new OS. The OS on Barbara’s and my old reading Kindles isn’t great by any means, but at least it stays out of one’s way while one is reading. The new version is very much in-your-face, as usual pushing for users to buy Amazon products. Good luck with that, since this one won’t be connected to the Internet. Oh, and I got my notebook disconnected and moved upstairs, which I needed to do before I can get the new desktop system set up.

We managed to get a bit of prepping stuff done this week:

  • We got two sets of floor-to-ceiling steel shelving set up in my office downstairs. We loaded and organized the 5×2-foot unit with LTS food, which we also inventoried, and the 4×2-foot unit with general emergency supplies.
  • I read another bunch of PA novels. As usual, most of them sucked.
  • I got the Isuzu Trooper checked out. It should be good to go for now, although one of these days it’s probably going to drop dead. It is, after all, almost 23 years old.

So, what precisely did you do to prepare this week? Tell me about it in the comments.