Monday, 15 February 2016

10:58 – We got maybe 3″ of snow and sleet overnight, with more expected today and tonight, perhaps with some freezing rain mixed in. We don’t need to go anywhere, so we’re just staying indoors other than to give Colin a little outside time.

We were down to only a couple of biology kits left in stock, so we made up another dozen or so yesterday. For this time of year we’re in good shape now on finished-goods inventory. We’re shipping less than one kit per day on average, which’ll be the norm through the end of next month.

I finally got my new Lenovo Core i7 micro-tower system unboxed. It’s sitting on my office desk downstairs downloading and installing Windows 10 updates as I write this upstairs on my notebook. Once it finishes updating, I’ll pull two or three backup copies of the fresh installation to DVDs, download and burn the current Linux Mint, replace the hard drive with a new one, install Linux Mint, restore all my data, and get things configured the way I want them. That’ll probably take all day today, on and off, and maybe some time tomorrow as well.

The video card has dual outputs, so I’ll probably connect a second display to the system. Linux Mint handles dual displays well, and I just happen to have a spare 25″ display that’s not being used. I’ve never worked with dual displays before, so it’ll be interesting to see how the extra screen real estate changes how I work.

I started writing my PA novel last night, but only in my head. I’m using the real names of the people I’m basing characters upon because otherwise I’d have a hard time keeping things straight. I’ll just go back and do a search and replace when I finish the first draft, followed by a very careful read-through to catch the inevitable S&R errors. I actually have no idea whether or not I can write a decent novel, so I’ll post the first couple of chapters to let you guys tell me how I’m doing. If it turns out that I’m a mediocre novelist (or worse), I’ll just bag it. It’s not like I don’t have lots of other stuff to fill my time.