Saturday, 12 December 2015

09:43 – I just signed up for Obamacare, the least expensive plan they had available, at $1,200/month. That pays for pretty much nothing until each of us pays $5,500/year out of pocket. The application is now complete, and we’re covered as of October 1st, once we pay the bill. Unfortunately, they won’t let us do that on-line.

Barbara and I are working all weekend on science kits.

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  1. Well at least you’ll be helping pay for medical for the poor. Yesterday I went to pick up some perscriptions and there was only one person working the counter. She was helping a certain minority peep and it was taking awhile. Each item is scanned at a terminal for checkout, not payment, and then bagged. I counted nine. At least I thought to myself I won’t have to wait for him to pay. Bingo. They handed him the bag and out he walked. Two for my wife and one for me came to just over $50.

    Meanwhile California passes assisted suicide bill. I wonder if those drugs are covered.

  2. @OFD
    Thanks for the link to that Fred Reed column on “existence and the paranormal” back on 9/11. Here’s a good one for you, but please don’t tell Bob about it — his list is long enough already (i.e. “underclass scum”). 🙂 He really needs to finish his “prepper” book first, right ?? No distractions !!

    George Carlin – List of people who ought to be killed !!

    Lots of forest fires out here in California, it’s been smoky for days now, and no end in sight — unless we get some rain.

  3. “Federal researchers urge older adults to aim for much lower blood pressure”

    “The new research advises people with high blood pressure to keep their “systolic” pressure — the top number in the reading that health-care providers routinely tell patients — at 120 or below. Clinical guidelines have commonly called for systolic blood pressure of 140 for healthy adults and 130 for adults with kidney disease or diabetes.”

    I’ve thought this for quite a while. The last time I checked my blood pressure before my 2009 heart attack was in my doctor’s office and it was 140/90. He should have put me on blood pressure meds then. Six months later, I shuffled into the ER and my bp was 210/110 with what I think now is coronary artery spasms in my left coronary artery. Nobody knows because they stopped when they gave me a boatload of Lopressor and nitroglycerin. Then they gave me two massive does of morphine when the chest pain and left arm pain would not stop after two hours.

    Later that night, they moved me to Victoria, scoped me and declared my arteries to be free and clear. No clotting whatsoever. They kept me in the cardiac ward for three days as I recovered, I could barely walk the next day. I got a new cardiologist in Houston a month later who ran a nuclear stress test on me and found that my right coronary artery is only two inches long (suppose to be eight inches) and the back side of my heart is dead (no blood flow).

    I think that if I had started bp medicine early that I would have possibly saved the back side of my heart. Or not, that cardiologist thinks that my heart back side was never functional. Now with just 25 mg/day of metaprolol, my bp is 110/70.

  4. I was on BP meds for a while and then the refills (from the VA) ran out and I hadda call for more, so there was a two-week lapse; they took my BP during that time and said it was normal but a tad high; previously the meds kept it at a nice level, and I’m back on them and all is good today. Only meds I take, other than occasional Benedryls when the allergy kicks in hard (right now, thanks to leaf pollen, I think) and aspirin once in a blue moon for aches and pains.

    All systems are go for OFD these days but Mrs. OFD needs to get to that MD appointment next month and get a whole bunch of stuff looked at. Can’t wait to find out how ObummerCARE works when she does.

  5. @RBT: geez, that’s just crazy expensive. I think Switzerland is expensive, our health insurance was pretty much socialized about 15 years ago, and you are paying more than twice what we do, with more than twice the deductible. Nuts. Just nuts.

  6. Nuts. Just nuts.

    Check your privilege, you racist! You don’t expect the underclass to pay for their own medical care, do you?


    Dammit! Now I have to check my own privilege!

  7. I was just checking my privilege and it looks like it was downgraded.


    I am aghast.



    Dazed and Confused.

    Gee. My ancestors founded this country and were the first permanent settlers in Virginia and Maffachufetts when both places were howling wildernesses roamed by savages (also among my ancestors, lol).

    So how come I’m suddenly dog-poop here?

    Oh wait–I was just told that the dog-poop level is an upgrade; I’d have to pay more in taxes to get that.

    Know what? Screw that. Lock and load, and molon labe, fummermuckas!

  8. @Brad

    Yes, but I’m covered if I get pregnant or need an abortion. I’ll bet you’re not.

  9. Obolacare has hidden costs that I’m guessing the Swiss don’t have. The salaries of the bureaucrats on the death panels, for instance.

  10. Anybody know how the 10,000 Mooslims Obola is taking in from Syria are getting here? First Class via US taxpayer, Air Force One, Disney Cruise? How much and what will they get to restart their poor impoverished life? I feel so gooood about this. My mil pension will probably get cancelled to support more and more Mooslims.

  11. I don’t even wanna get into the health care/insurance hassles that Mrs. OFD is facing right now; we’re approaching a “tipping point” real soon. The bitter irony of it is that she knows exactly what is going on with the markets, government and the companies involved, having been in the public health sector for thirty years, ten of them as the Medicare/Managed Care Director for the state here. It is a criminal racket now that is having insane consequences for regular Murkans like us.

    “I feel so gooood about this. My mil pension will probably get cancelled to support more and more Mooslims.”

    More micro-aggressions here, and the sarcasm has been duly noted, sir. Along with the RAYCISS reference to our brothers and sisters in the religion of peace.

  12. My GP checked my BP last Thursday: 130/about 70. He checked the other arm: 117/70 ish, then back to the first arm: 115/70 ish.

  13. The application is now complete, and we’re covered as of October 1st, once we pay the bill. Unfortunately, they won’t let us do that on-line.

    Bob, you slipped up and typed the wrong thing. The Obamacare web site is brought to you by the same Federal government that has mishandled the information of 300,000 taxpayers, every digitized SF-86 form and 11 million digitized fingerprints. You really want to give them your credit card number?

    I think you meant:

    Fortunately, they won’t let us do that on-line.

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