Tuesday, 22 September 2015

08:03 – Today is the last full day of summer, with the autumnal equinox at 0421 ET tomorrow. Barbara is now down to six work days left at the law firm, and counting.

A vocal group of fringe Christian and Mormon religious nutters is claiming that the End of Days is scheduled yet again for the 28th of this month, so you might want to mark your calendar accordingly and make plans for the 29th and ff.

I called Amy Spell of Peak Mountain Properties, the real estate agency we’ve been using in West Jefferson, yesterday to get her recommendation for an agency in Sparta/Alleghany County. I’d have been happy to stay with Peak Mountain, but they don’t cover Alleghany. She recommended Mountain Dreams Realty in Sparta, so I’ll give them a call today and see if I can get something set up.

I’d have said “wrong with progressivism”, but this guy has a point. The Actors on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Exemplify Everything That’s Wrong With Liberalism

Nonsense like “microaggressions,” “nonjudgmentalism,” and “fairness” can only exist in a world built and defended by macroaggressive, judgmental, and unfair people who carry guns and don’t hesitate to use them.