Saturday, 26 September 2015

09:08 – Barbara is down to three more days at work, with her last day next Wednesday. As she pointed out, though, Thursday will be a regular work day for her, but she’ll be working instead for our company. About the only thing that’ll change is that she’ll no longer be using the alarm clock or driving downtown to go to work.

The cool, drizzly weather continues. Between the rain and the gusty winds, we had some large branches down last night. Autumn is coming in like a raging panda, which probably means it’ll go out like a slinking rabid weasel.

In addition to building/shipping kits and doing laundry and other weekend tasks we’ll probably spend some time this weekend getting downstairs organized and inventoried, both kit stuff and emergency supplies. We also need to run a patch through the barrel of this Ruger AR-556— which is made about 30 miles from here, in Mayodan, NC–and figure out how to run it. It’s been close to 40 years since I last fired an AR-pattern rifle, so I need to refamiliarize myself with its operation and teach Barbara the basics. The first step is to RTFM. I also need to order a few accessories for it, including a sling, a few more OEM magazines, maybe 100 stripper clips, and a clip/magazine loader.