Thursday, 17 September 2015

08:21 – I’m losing track of days. Barbara pointed out last night that she’s taking a vacation day tomorrow, not today. For some reason, I was thinking that yesterday was Thursday. At any rate, she’s off tomorrow.

The way things seem to be trending, the American people are making it pretty clear that the last thing they want as president is a politician. On the Republican side, the leaders are: Trump, a demagogue but not a politician; Fiorina, a businesswoman who destroyed Hewlett-Packard, but not a politician; and Carson, a non-entity, but not a politician. On the Democrat side, we have a small group of elderly political hacks, but no non-politicians. Sounds to me like the Democrats are badly in need of a non-politician.

The FedEx guy sneaked up on Colin yesterday, even though the main front door was open and Colin had an unobstructed view of the street through the glass storm door. FedEx delivered one box from that contained the five boxes of dog treats that I’d ordered. When I checked the site, it claimed my entire order had been delivered, but none of the bottles of Bertolli pasta sauce were in the box. When I checked the FedEx tracking number, it told me that everything had been delivered, but below that line it said that a shipment had been damaged and was being returned to sender. This is the second time this has happened on a Walmart order that contained items in glass.

11:21 – September 30th is Barbara’s last day of work at the law firm. On Thursday, October 1st, she comes to work for our company, The Home Scientist, LLC.

I need to get ready for that so that she can hit the ground running. Actually, I’ll probably give her the rest of that week off so that she can enjoy some free time, unless she just wants to start work immediately. Of course, one of our corporate benefits is that any employee can take as many paid vacation days as he or she wants to.

The first week or two we’ll focus on Barbara learning the business. Eventually, I want her to be able to do everything other than design new kits and write manuals. She doesn’t have any lab experience, so I’ll continue doing stuff like making up chemicals myself, but I will have her at least watching me to get some idea of how it’s done.

I intend to transfer all the administrative to her, including inventory, ordering and receiving, and so on. She’s much more organized and detail-oriented than I am, which isn’t surprising considering that she’s a librarian. I think this will all work out very well. The problem may be in her handling of mistakes. I expect mistakes. They’re just something that has to be dealt with. But Barbara REALLY hates making mistakes, so I’ll have to get her past that. We simply have too much to deal with to expect perfection.