Sunday, 20 September 2015

09:41 – The rate of kit orders is starting to slow, as expected in late September. The last half of September and all of October is generally pretty slow, with orders starting to pick up again in mid-November and running high through about the end of January. Then things slow down again until they start picking up in June and July.

Barbara is doing her regular house cleaning, bill paying, and so on this morning. This afternoon we’ll build some more biology kits and do other science kit stuff.

Barbara’s last day at work is a week from Wednesday. She plans to take a vacation day Friday, so she has only seven work days left. She wants to jump right into working her new job, so she starts full time for our company on Thursday, October 1. She’ll have things much better organized in no time, allowing me to focus on growing the business.

We’re getting to the autumn “in-between” part of the year, when to maintain an even temperature we’d need to run the air conditioning and the heating in the same day. In hot months, we usually keep the thermostat set at 75F (24C), and in cold months at 68F (20C). That means Barbara is always too warm during cooling season, and I’m always too cold during heating season. So she wears shorts and short/no-sleeve shirts during cooling season, and I wear flannel shirts during heating season. It works out fine most of the time, but during in-between times, both of us can be both too warm and too cold all in the same day.

And then there’s humidity. A few minutes ago, I had Barbara turn down the thermostat, even though it was only 72F in here. The problem is, the relative humidity was at 64%, so even I was warm. We turned it down to 70F to at least let the AC run for a while and remove some of the humidity.