Tuesday, 8 September 2015

09:22 – The bread turned out fine. It was a bit denser and moister than store-bought, but that was expected. I didn’t add any preservatives to it, so we’ll have the other half of the loaf with dinner tonight.

This Obamacare thing is turning out to be a real pain in the ass, as expected given whose name is on it. There are 36 plans available to us in Forsyth County, all either BC/BS or United Healthcare. We’re both inclined to go for a lower monthly payment in exchange for higher deductibles and total out-of-pocket. I never go to the doctor, and Barbara goes only for her annual girl-stuff visit, which is probably covered anyway without deductible because it’s one of the things Obamacare policies are required to cover. That minimalist plan will cost us $1,199/month before any subsidies, which I doubt we’ll qualify for.

On our way to Costco Saturday, we drove past Gander Mountain. I see on their web site that they carry the Ruger AR-556 tactical rifles for $700 each. I think I’ll see if Barbara wants to take a run by there sometime soon and pick up an M4gery for each of us, slings, and a dozen or so spare magazines. If things ever do go pear-shaped around here, they’d be handy to have on hand. They’re also a good investment, particularly if we keep them NIB.

I’m building and shipping kits today.