Tuesday, 15 September 2015

09:14 – I sent in the state and federal estimated taxes yesterday. Grrrrr.

Barbara suggested last evening that given the several burglaries we’ve had in the neighborhood, I should start locking the front main door when I walk Colin. Colin and I just spend 10 or 15 minutes each time going up and down the block, so we’re never out of sight of the house and always within 175 yards of the front door. Colin can cover that distance in under 10 seconds, and the sight of a 70-pound dog charging flat out would certainly disconcert most intruders. Even so, I think she’s right, so I’m now locking the door each time we’re away. I don’t feel at all threatened in our neighborhood, but it is better to be safe.

She said it’d only be for a couple of weeks, because after her last day of work she’ll be at home most days. I disagree. If I leave the house and she’s here alone, I want her to lock me out. At least the glass storm door should be locked at all times. Otherwise, she could walk out of the bedroom or her office and find an intruder in the house with no warning.

I’m building and shipping science kits, as usual.

10:58 – Big surprise. Hungary is discovering that those hordes of muslim invaders are cutting through their razor-wire fence. I have zero military experience, and I could have told them that a fence is useless unless it’s defended. Hungary needs to set up machine-gun emplacements about every 300 to 400 meters and order those manning the emplacements to open fire without warning on anyone who tries to come over, under, or through the fence. It would also help to build a second fence about 100 meters inside Hungarian territory and sow the dead zone between the fences with a lot of land mines. Of course, that’s also what the US should be doing on our border with Mexico, and we haven’t done it either.

14:43 – Here’s irony: