Sunday, 6 September 2015

09:24 – I think I must have pulled or strained a muscle yesterday while I was lifting those 6-gallon 50-pound cases of bottled water out of our shopping cart. My right shoulder aches if I try to do much with that arm, and it was uncomfortable if I tried to sleep on my right side. Even lifting a 1-liter mug of Coke makes it twinge. The problem seems to be going away on its own, but I’ll take a gram of aspirin anyway.

I went ahead and reset my Kindle HD to default, so I’m back to using the Silk browser. I couldn’t get it to connect to my mail server, so I configured the Kindle Fire email applet to grab my mail, which works fine.

We’ll make up a loaf’s worth of bread dough today, let it sit overnight, and bake it tomorrow.

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  1. FWIW, the Amazon branding for their devices changed a couple of years ago.

    Kindle is only used for e-ink devices.

    Fire is for the tablets, and media streaming devices (Fire TV and Fire TV stick)

    So you have a Fire HD tablet. On sale in supermarkets here in the UK. Alongside the confusing range of Samsung Android tablets, and the Apple tablets.

    I don’t get tablets, everyone I know has one, most people don’t use, or use for Netflix only. Phone for everything else.

  2. Whew, gotta do some outside work so I’m in work 10 minutes, cool off 10 minutes mode.

    96 deg F 52% RH feels like 107deg F

    Several people on another site recommended this BBC series for anyone interested in raising food to eat.

    Wartime Farm, BBC

    “When Britain entered the war, two-thirds of all Britain’s food was imported – and now it was under threat from a Nazi blockade. To save Britain from starvation, the nation’s farmers were tasked with doubling food production in what Churchill called ‘the frontline of freedom’. This meant ploughing up 6.5 million acres of unused land – a combined area bigger than the whole of Wales.”


  3. “The wave of refugees that runs over Europe”

    “To sum this up, I think talking about refugee problem is like talking about weather problem. It is happening and people need to deal with it. No big wall will stop this and Africa is close to Europe too with millions of people who have not enough to live normal lives.”

    “I understand people feeling bad about new people in their countries who might live on their costs but all that is happening is something that was waiting to happen. I hope countries have good process to weed out worst people but we all know this will not stop all of them. Europe is changing and nothing can stop this.”


  4. It’s not quite that hot here, but it’s warmer than the forecast high of 85 and the alleged current temperature of 84. -gasp-! It must be global warming!

    I just finished waterproofing the deck (no problem) and the 15 steps going down (big PITA, especially the friggin handrails and the bazillion corners and angles) and as much of the undersurface as I could reach (bigger PITA, with a bazillion corners and angles combined with having to reach to get to much of it, as well as the roller and brush being almost directly over my head much of the time). And it was probably wasted effort because it’ll just burn when I finally get fed up and torch this damned house.

    I need to disassemble and examine and reassemble one of the rear brakes on one of the cars because it’s rattling. Almost certainly not dangerous, but annoying and I need to confirm it’s not dangerous. I need to replace the radiator in my van because it’s of the new, improved construction which typically doesn’t last as long as the (actually improved) hoses. That really pisses me off, because the two hoses cost $30 or so and can be replaced in 15 minutes or so. The radiator just cost me $200 and will take an hour or three to replace, depending on how much crap has to be removed before I can get to the bolts holding it in. Regardless, both cars are going to wait until tomorrow morning. I’m not going to deal with that crap on a hot afternoon with no shade.

    Prepping: none, in terms of laying in supplies. I discovered that yet more of the things previously set aside are no longer there — big pack of toilet paper and the like. Mostly I’m just struggling day-to-day to keep ahead of the bills and ongoing maintenance, despite rather than with the support of my spouse.

  5. OFD is authorizing Mr. SteveF to take the rest of the day off and gin up some serious fuck-off time.

    “This meant ploughing up 6.5 million acres of unused land – a combined area bigger than the whole of Wales.””

    Including archaeological sites that dated back to Anglo-Saxon, Roman and Neolithic times, now lost forever. Probably bulldozed King Arthur’s and Queen Guinevere’s graves, but we know that Sir Lancelot still walks the land, usually during night fog and mist.

    ” Europe is changing and nothing can stop this.””

    Europe is gone. Kiss it buh-bye. Selco knows this full well. Meanwhile the “white nationalist” groups think they can stem the tide and come out on top eventually. Yeah, sure; once they stop infighting and excommunicating each other, lol.

    Have a laff:

    “The nipple-positive march and rally were allegedly done in order to foster “empowerment,” a word whose usage would undeniably plummet if everyone who uttered it were to be immediately shot.”

  6. Just baked the soda pop bread recipe. I used sprite instead of ginger ale. It’s pretty good and was super fast. Sweet dense white bread.

    Just put the lamb roast and the potatoes in the oven.

    Did some small yard work, and it’s whipped my @$$.

    Also, somehow, I guess since I was sick for a couple of weeks, my arms have lost a bunch of muscle. Just mixing the bread dough was tiring.

    That’s the last straw. I’m gonna have to start exercising.


  7. That’s the last straw. I’m gonna have to start exercising.

    That’s just bullshit. You have lots of options.

    – Get one or more slaves to do your bread baking and yardwork. I suggest Muslim refugees, from Syria or elsewhere, so that when people object to you having slaves, you can say you’re simply respecting their cultural and religious traditions.

    – Buy various powered implements for making bread, assisting with yardwork, and carrying things. I don’t actually recommend this option because it’s too conventional.

    – Get some monkeys and cybernetically enhance them to be super-strong yardwork-doing monstrosities. I don’t recommend this option, either, as they’re likely to throw poop, and you do not want to be hit by a glob of poop thrown by a super-strong cyborg monkey.

    – Build an AI and have it control various remotes to do work for you. This is a good choice, but beware Skynet.

    – Cybernetically enhance yourself, replacing your arms with superior versions, maybe one rigid with two forearms and the other a tentacle, all with swappable extremities. This is my recommendation — no poop throwing, no Skynet, just smooth sailing as you tote those boxes, hoe that garden, and kneed that bread with style.

  8. Actually got some chuckles and a snort with that comment Steve, but I’m not Homer Simpson. Any helper monkey I get would probably be a poop thrower.

    Dinner was delicious. Lamb is yummy and while not a prepper favorite, they must be relatively easy to grow…

    So with all the talk about J pole antennas, I decided to actually take the twinlead I put away, and make one today. Lo and behold, the twinlead was rotten. Cracks in the insulation all thru the coil. While it probably would have worked in a pinch, I didn’t want to spend any time building something out of rotten materials. Moral of the story is store what you eat, eat what you store, or just having the stuff isn’t the same thing as being prepared.

    And since I had a few extra minutes due to that project being a bust, I decided to see if my idea for an emergency kid carrier would work. Someone mentioned bugging out with young child (Dave?) and I thought he’d have to carry the kid. So I made 2 overlong belts from some fastex buckles and 2 inch webbing I had in my hobby box, and strapped up my 4yo. I had her get on my back, then I looped one over each shoulder, cross body, undoing and redoing the buckle under her leg. Then I snugged up the straps. She ended up with one strap under each thigh, and could tuck her arms under the straps too. She thought it was fun, I could carry her easily, and I did it with 2 belts that rolled up into a small bundle. I don’t think she or I would like it in the long run, but it was way better than having her just hold on. She’s about 40#. I didn’t trust the buckles to hold my 6yo. You could improvise with seatbelt if needed.

    now it’s family movie night time….


  9. That’s the last straw. I’m gonna have to start exercising.

    That’s just bullXXX. You have lots of options.

    Keep 50 cases of 35 bottle water in your garage. Just moving those around in the 110 F garage (97 F ambient) will keep you in shape. Or kill you. I bought ten more cases today and sweated like a pig stuffing them into place in the racks. I had to pull some of the June cases and stack them first.

    now it’s family movie night time….

    I took the wife and daughter over to see “Minions” at AMC Fountains tonight. Was a hoot and a half. Their new recliners in the theater are OK, the wife and daughter loved them. They make you choose your seats now since they converted to recliners. And, the recliner and foot rest are electric which I have not seen before. Ok, not great.

  10. @Lynn, we to the kids to see Big Hero 6 at the Studio Grill in Centre City, the only time we’ve taken them to a real theatre.

    It has big seats, wide aisles, and waitstaff to bring your food and drink while watching. We figured it would be less distracting to others if they had any behavior issues, and the food would also provide some distraction. It went really well. The food was good, the service unobtrusive, and the kids and parents had a good time.

    Tonight we just watched a dvd at home. I’ve had a 60″ projection tv for a long time, nine years now. It’s a Sony and has a fantastic picture. Other than styling and the fact it’s rear projection, the picture is as good as anything out there short of 4k resolution, and many thousands of dollars in price. It is amusing to watch the kids try to swipe the screen to control the dvd menu. Everything they know is touch and voice enabled.


  11. “Big Hero 6” was a pretty good movie. Good enough for a sequel sometime in 2016. My church shows movies in the Sugar Land city hall plaza once a month and that was one of our movies back in March. We put up a 30 ft blow up screen and use a projector. Not unusual for 500+ people to show up and bring their lawn chairs. I took the wife and daughter as spectators last time and had a good time. Just watching all the kids run around is half the fun.

    I love Sony equipment. It just works ™. You pay about 50% more upfront but it usually lasts forever. Our big tv is a 46″ Sony single scan lcd that is 7+ years old. Took me forever to persuade the wife to buy it and now she expects me to move it back to the new game room when complete. I’ve already told her that I want a 65″ Sony lcd back there and she has vetoed it several times now.

    Yes, the kids are so used to technology that they are very comfortable with. One wonders what the future will bring as the mobile conversion accelerates.

    One thing that I find is freaky is the number of people with cracked screen phones. Just about any phone older than a year has at least one crack. My nephew has about a dozen cracks on his screen. My son’s phone was totally spider webbed until he recently bought a used Samsung 4 on ebay.

  12. I noticed the cracked screen thing too. If you look at them, especially females, they stuff them in back pockets, then sit on them.

    I’m taking it as a sign of the times that they are continuing to use the cracked screens instead of replacing the phone, or paying one of the increasing number of fixit shops to repair it. A single crack on an ipad you don’t use all the time, I can see leaving that, but a huge spiderweb on your phone? They’d get it fixed if they could.


  13. Watching the refugees flood into Germany is, well, interesting… I sure am glad we don’t have thousands coming here. In no particular order, a few thoughts:

    – If you going to get the refugees anyway, it’s probably a great thing to have this movement of Germans cheering their arrival and holding up welcome signs. May help motivate them to integrate.

    – Be assured that the pictures of welcoming Germans will encourage the next wave to aim for Germany, and the next, and the next. How many refugees can Germany absorb?

    – Why is no one criticizing Turkey? These refugees have all come across the land route, which involves crossing Turkey lengthwise. What is Turkey doing, putting in special express routes to get them through the country as fast as possible???

    – And again the pictures of rioting refugees, when they don’t all manage to squash onto a train to their desired destination. Many (most?) are not asylum seekers, but economic migrants. Trick-or-treat: give us what we want or we will burn down your house. Not the kind of people you really want living next door.

  14. ‘Watching the refugees flood into Germany is, well, interesting… I sure am glad we don’t have thousands coming here.’

    It’s still early, many may be coming our way. I heard some big-wig immigration guy from the UN, saying that the US has taken about 1800 refugees from the area so far, but will be encouraged to take 65,000 to do it’s ‘fair share.’

    Whenever someone says ‘fair share’ in a sentence, it usually means we’re about to get screwed.

  15. I understand that the vatican took two families and encouraged other countries to do the same. That makes the fair share for the US about 0.25 families. With rounding, call it zero.

    Since Germany seems so willing to take them, I think the US should deport all muslims currently in this country to Germany.

  16. ” One wonders what the future will bring as the mobile conversion accelerates.”

    Or as the Grid flickers out and there is no juice or innernet for all these gadgets, geegaws and gimcracks. From what I can see, younger generations may be at a complete loss if that happens.

    “I sure am glad we don’t have thousands coming here.”

    Yeah, we only get the millions from south of the Rio Grande. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if many tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, finally end up here after their journeys through Turkey and across the Med. They do it out of love, ya know.

    “I think the US should deport all muslims currently in this country to Germany.”

    And/or France and the U.K., who also have been taking in swarms of them over the decades; cheap labor, etc. Europe is lost. Camp of the Saints write large. And once they’ve turned Europe into the same kind of shit-hole sharia dump they came from, they’ll try to come across to North Murka. With the kind of regime we have here and up in O Kanada, we’ll probably run airlifts for them.

  17. Let’s give them our Mexicans, as well. They’re from a similarly broken culture and no one can tell the difference anyway.

  18. “Let’s give them our Mexicans, as well.”

    Hispanics. As some of them never grow tired of saying, they’re not all Mexicans. So about 25-million or so.

    Unfortunately that hoss done already left the bahn. They will have de facto control of the Murkan Southwest, Nuevo Aztlan. And as Dear Leader has told us, we got 56 or 57 states, so what’s the loss of four or five? For all those Afrikan-Murkans who hate white peeps and don’t want nothin’ to do wit us, let’s give them Mississippi and Louisiana. And the typical, standard-issue Murkan derps can keep the Megalopolis, East coast and Left coast.

  19. Don’t be fooled, the refugees will be here, the Pope has decreed it so.

    /micro-aggression on/ A number of years ago the Episcopal Churches in the Tri-Cities “sponsored” a whole bunch of Somali families. IMHO it was an utter failure. As far as I can tell none of them have assimilated in even the slightest way. They are now well into their third generation of welfare parasites. They still dress in native garb, speak in their native tongues, and their personal hygiene is nonexistent. They have all migrated to a couple of areas around here and have essentially taken over one Episcopal Church, the one closest to me. The only white person at the church now is the lesbian “priest”. The flags of Somalia, the LGBT nation, and the Episcopal Church look so nice flying together (NOT) /micro-aggression off/

  20. @Mr. DadCooks; I was baptized and raised in the “Protestant Episcopal Church of the U.S.A.”, with the 1928 Prayer Book and KJV. I was an acolyte and Episcopal Youth Fellowship kid and later went on to become a verger and church school teacher. Then I watched in utter dismay as ECUSA and the Anglican Communion in the U.K. went increasingly leftward and its clergy become SJWs, with authentic Christian theology and liturgy dumped by the wayside. By 2026 they’ll be gone in the U.S, sheer demographics.

    Except, of course, for individual parishes that have five or six 90-year-olds who still adhere to 1928, some “low-Church” parishes in the South, and the church you describe with the Somalis and dyke priestess.

    I finally left it in ’96 to become Roman Catholic; the current pope is a disappointment so far, of course, but we’ve been through this before over the past two-thousand years. We had it good under the last two guys and now we’re gonna suffer a little bit. But it’s a mistake to conflate his office and responsibilities with the entire Church, over a billion faithful worldwide. Just as it is to tar the whole Church with the activities of one wayward priest. Whose sacraments, by the way, are still completely valid.

  21. Here it is:

    “it’s their enablers—the ones who occupy the upper echelons of American finance and political power who have ceased to conceal their disdain for the average hapless American—who need to be deported.”

    Did I mention that Europe is lost?

    “What is clear now is that while Vladimir Putin is bad news, and ISIS much worse news, the real threat to Europe is not from Russia but from asylum seekers.”

  22. “…who have ceased to conceal their disdain for the average hapless American…”

    I’ve mentioned this here and elsewhere several times already, usually in connection with the ongoing “argument” about voting. I said that they they laugh at us now, openly, with contempt. Watching us enthralled by the various campaign circus performances and seeing us hustling off to vote every four years must put them on the floor in paroxysms of gusting laughter.

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