Tuesday, 26 November 2013

08:07 – We’re still under a winter-weather advisory, but it’s pretty much just cold rain. There may be some ice on bridges, but the temperature is hovering right at freezing and the streets are just wet. Barbara is driving the Trooper today. It weighs about three times what her car does, and if there’s ice I’m happier with her driving something with some mass.

More kit stuff today.

18 thoughts on “Tuesday, 26 November 2013”

  1. We got 2 to 3 inches of rain yesterday and more coming down. 43 F here in the Land of Sugar. We are suppose to be back to 68 F on Saturday.

    Fished my polaris out of the swimming pool this morning and found so many leaves in it that the bag had broken. Ordered a new bag and probably going to have to manually clean the leaves out of the pool. That big wind last Friday night really pushed the park trees leaves over the back fence and into the pool. The pool is 60 F BTW.

    Are we getting setup for a coup?

  2. Mr. Bob is/was right. Yet, the cable and phone companies still push TV service when they come door-to-door. They better be investing in highER speed internet. Start laying fiber in new neighborhoods NOW.

    They should also develop big WiFi antenna’s for remote areas so farmer Jones can just login without waiting for a landline to reach the barn. Cows need internet too, you know.

  3. TV networks and cable TV companies are gatekeepers and rent-seekers. We cut the cable 8 or 9 years ago. All we kept was basic cable TV, the local channels. We wouldn’t even have kept that, except that we’re down in a hole as far as TV reception. Right now, for example, if we want to get just the major network channels OTA, we’d have to buy a $300 to $500 antenna with amplifier and rotor and put it on a 30-foot (10 meter) tower. Our friends Paul and Mary live about two miles from us, but they’re enough higher that with that same rig they could get 60 or 70 channels from most of western NC and parts of VA and SC.

  4. I suspect there are already assasination plots targeting Mr. Pope. If he pushes this, he’ll be annoying many entrenched interests among the RCC hierarchy. Seriously, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to wake up one morning and see the headline that he’d been assasinated.

  5. Why? Haven’t you been reading what I’ve been saying for a decade or more?

    Yes but I did not believe you. I thought that people were adding Netflix to their cable. Instead, people are dropping cable and moving totally to Netflix. There will be many more changes coming soon because of this. Especially in the sports channels area. If I was MLB and NFL, I would be moving to the internet today instead of doing deals with DirectTV and cable. If I were the NFL, I would try for $8 per game from the consumer over the internet.

    We still watch network shows on the old networks (Castle, Hawaii 5-0, General Hospital, Greys Anatomy, etc) but I assume that those may be going away also due to rapidly declining viewership. This also means that there may be a shortage of original content in the future. Or not as directors, actors, screenwriters, etc drop their prices.

  6. I have AT&T DSL at the house for internet. I get a letter from AT&T pushing their uverse TV at least once per week. I got three letters from them once one day. It has become a pain.

  7. My provider is Cox Cable. I have a digital TV package and I still get mail, flyers and door-to-door sales. Leave no rock unturned.

  8. Again, the networks, OTA and cable, are aggregators, middemen, and rent-seekers. There is nothing they do, including funding programming development, that can’t be done better and more efficiently otherwise.

    Geez, that kickstarter project I mentioned a week or so ago is now at nearly $90,000 pledged, by something like 200 supporters. If a chemistry set can get that kind of support, how much support could mainstream video content get? If you like Castle (we also watch it), fund it directly. Pledge $20 or whatever to fund a season. With you and the five million other people who support it, the production company can make seasons without worrying about what ABC (or whoever it is; we watch it on video) thinks.

    Like most things Internet, it’s all about disintermediation. The gatekeepers will go down fighting, but go down they will. We’re watching it happen now.

  9. “Mr. OFD can you summarize his manifesto on tyranny for us?”

    He has said nothing beyond what the Church has said for many centuries now, but the media latch on and interpret stuff six ways from Sunday, pun intended, though a bad one. I don’t see how, as one guy put it, he’s on some kind of collision course with “neo-liberals” in the Church because they ought to love it. But they’re sore because he won’t back down on women priestesses.

    I interpret his description of ‘unfettered capitalism’ as a criticism of what we have here, a fascist oligarchy, currently supported by its military and police, but not for long; sooner or later the house of cards falls apart; simple arithmetic dictates it. The system we have now rewards a tiny percentage while the majority increasingly eat shit and the very poor are going to be entirely written off. To wax a bit indignant at the unfairness of it is not quite joining the commies; he and previous popes have attacked all totalitarian regimes, whether communist or fascist. And our own nation is increasingly totalitarian as the weeks go by and the boot comes down harder and harder. As in the cartoon link provided above by Lynn; a continuing purge, no other word for it, of the senior military officers and noncoms who don’t buy Obummer’s schtick. Only difference is they’re not shot outright as in the old Soviet Union; they just have ruined careers and ass-kissers are promoted, who may or may not be competent; are you willing to take that chance on them? I’m not.

    Good riddance to broadcast and cable tee-vee; yet to go by some other boards, loads of people still get all their news and entertainment in this country from them.

    Y’all have a great Thanksgiving, whether the whole deal or just a few days off; it will be just me and Mrs. OFD and her mom here, with a 21.67-pound turkey, stuffing, mashed spuds with gravy, braised beets with cranberries, cranberry sauce, lemon-tangerine-braised carrots, pumpkin-pecan pie, and peppermint fudge. All by moi, le petit chef.

  10. Oh, and the rain we ‘sposed to get tonight turning to snow never came; it’s been snow straight up so fah; more to come overnight and into tomorrow and probably a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain changing to heavy wet snow into T-Day, but we shall see.

  11. Barkley having a nap, at last. Kept my nephew and his wife up from 1-6 AM…

    Tell them the old standby of a wind-up clockwork clock going tick-tock, wrapped in an old towel or suchlike, and put in his bed. Sounds enough like his mother’s heartbeat to let him sleep peacefully.

  12. OFE wrote:

    “Y’all have a great Thanksgiving, whether the whole deal or just a few days off; it will be just me and Mrs. OFD and her mom here, with a 21.67-pound turkey, stuffing, mashed spuds with gravy, braised beets with cranberries, cranberry sauce, lemon-tangerine-braised carrots, pumpkin-pecan pie, and peppermint fudge. All by moi, le petit chef.”

    Mind if I act as your food taster? 🙂

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