Saturday, 9 November 2013

13:03 – I’m happy with Amazon Prime. I placed one order for half a dozen items Thursday. Two of them arrived yesterday and the others today. Also, with the addition of their watchlist queue, Amazon Prime Videos is now quite usable. Not as featureful as the Netflix queue, but good enough. At $79/year (~$6.50/month), it’s a no-brainer. Amazon has become to us what the Sears catalog was to our parents and grandparents. When I need to buy something, I check Amazon and Costco. Between them, they get most of our non-local purchases.

Barbara and I just spent a couple hours blowing/raking leaves. I tried to convince her to burn them, thereby returning their captured carbon dioxide to the atmosphere where it belongs, but she wouldn’t do it, probably because there’s a local law that forbids it.

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  1. I go around to lots of offices. Every time I sit in one of those mesh chairs I think “What’s the big deal”. I find them uncomfortable and cold (most offices being air conditioned ). Give me good old leather any day.

  2. [snip] probably because there’s a local law that forbids it. [snip]

    What if you place a flag (American, Confederate, UN, etc.) on top of the leaves and call it a political protest? Or a photo of whichever particular bozo occupies the White House at present?

  3. Put a couple of Bibles (important: not Korans; that would be a hate crime) on top of the leaves and then burn. Call it performance art and put in for a grant from the NEA.

  4. Concerning CO2, I was just reading the comments on Slashdot to the new EPA regulations on wood-burning stoves. I find it really shocking how many people manage to twist their brains into pretzels, so that they can say “burning wood is fine, because it’s CO2-neutral.”

    Sure, it is in the larger sense – just like burning your leaves would be. In that sense, so is burning oil and coal, just over a bit longer time-span.

    Of course, the people who are saying this, mean it completely differently. They apparently don’t realize that, if they didn’t burn that tree, the wood would retain the carbon; barring a forest fire, the carbon will be at least partially retained even after the death of the tree. That, after all, the first step to creating a coal field: biomass accumulated over hundreds and thousands of years.

    Listening to warmists calling wood-burning “CO2 neutral” gives me a headache.

    We’re a bit over half way through our first cord of wood for the season. We have a bit of forest, but not enough – I buy in most of the wood…

  5. Concerning CO2, I was just reading the comments on Slashdot to the new EPA regulations on wood-burning stoves.

    I believe that Obummer’s EPA will have a CO2 tax in place by the end of 2014. The tax will be cheap at first, probably $15 per ton at first, but will double each year. At some point, it will reach a trillion dollars per year, probably year 4, and allow the USA to have a single payer payer health care plan.

  6. There is not much news coverage, but a state congressman in Indiana, has taken steps to start an “Article V” constitutional convention.

    Under that scenario, two-thirds of state legislatures (34 states) ask Congress to call a Convention of the States for proposing constitutional amendments. If the convention approves an amendment, it then can be ratified by three-fourths of the states and added to the Constitution without congressional approval.

    Maybe states can bypass Congress altogether and get some action to overturn Nobama. Banning executive orders would be a good start.

  7. The time is past for any legal and ordinary political solution like another Convention; not gonna happen in before it all comes apart here.

    We have a new woodstove coming in here the day before Thanksgiving and I am assembling firewood racks this week and ordering up a couple of cords. We still have the oil burner as backup meanwhile as we work the kinks out.

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