Wednesday, 6 November 2013

08:30 – Boy, things can change fast. On Monday morning, I thought the month was starting slowly and that we had enough kits in stock to last through the month. As of this morning, we’re down to one chemistry kit and three forensic science kits in stock, so I desperately need to build more. Particularly since we can expect to do at least twice as much business next month as this month. I have enough sub-assemblies in stock to assemble another dozen chemistry kits, so that’s the first order of business. Then we need to get to work building more sub-assemblies. What concerns me is that we have two or three other possible bulk orders that could arrive at any time, so we could suddenly find ourselves with orders for 100+ kits on no notice. But it’s nice to be busy.

14 thoughts on “Wednesday, 6 November 2013”

  1. Sounds like you are getting the Christmas rush early.

    Only seven shopping weeks until Christmas!

  2. Normally, I’d expect November to be slow. I think last year we did less than $4K revenue for the month, and most of that was following Thanksgiving, when things start picking up fast. The first three weeks of December will likely be very busy, and even the last week is likely to be well above average.

  3. The communists have won in NYC, NJ and VA now; in NY, the Vampire State, they’re crowing about how they’re gonna really do a leftist murder job on The Bagel, and the governor, a piece of scum-sucking shit, is blathering about putting up a half-dozen casinos and getting all the NYC hordes to spend their dough “upstate.”

    While the mayor of Toronto, another humongous pile of shit, is standing tall over his crack-smoking during ‘one of his drunken stupors.’

    The whole sorry mess is burning faster and faster.

    Bring it.

  4. they’re crowing about how they’re gonna really do a leftist murder job on The Bagel

    What about the Bagel?

  5. First the cops break down your door with impunity, now it’s your asshole. A colonoscopy? Really? Next they’ll open up your intestines in surgery.

  6. Oh, they’ll eventually go farther than that; probably scans of your brain to detect bad thoughts about Obummer or the Mooch.

  7. scans of your brain

    That was discussed at least in the mid 1980s. At the time the technology didn’t exist but the desire did — brain scans would be a “perfect” and “fool-proof” way to spot “dangerous” or “unreliable” people entering a building, secure perimeter where Important People were making campaign stops, and so on.

  8. Shop till U drop; it’s the Murkan Way!

    I’m an avid capitalist, but there are few things that disgust me more about humanity than Black Friday shopping and shoppers.

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