Sunday, 4 August 2013

By on August 4th, 2013 in science kits

09:43 – Barbara is cleaning house this morning. This afternoon, we’ll continue work on labeling and filling containers for science kits. We’re in pretty good shape on biology kits and forensics kits. Enough to carry us through the end of this month, anyway. We’re down to a dozen or so finished chemistry kits, but we have enough subassemblies to put four dozen more together, on-the-fly if necessary. Again, that may carry us through the end of this month. Next month is another story. September won’t be as busy as August, but it may be nearly so. The real crunch is from mid-August through mid-September. During that 30-day period, we may ship 25% of the entire year’s sales.

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  1. Lynn McGuire says:

    Shot my new S&W 629 and Charter bulldog today. Both are fine weapons, in fact the 629 is freaking awesome shooting .44 specials. I must admit the .44 mags are a little too much for me after shooting 24 of them. Plus, other people at the range look at you funny after the big boom. As usual, most of the other shooters were shooting nine mils.

    Was amazed that well over 200 people were shooting at today when I got there. It was 98 F and very muggy. Did I mention the heat? An indoor air conditioned range would be nice, very nice but most of them do not allow anything bigger than a .38 or nine mil.

    Shot about 40 or so .44 specials through the bulldog. Shot about 110 or so .44 specials through the 629 plus 24 .44 mags. The bulldog is a little dicey at 10 yards with that two inch barrel. The 629 is tight at 10 yards, very tight.

  2. Miles_Teg says:

    Is Clint right? Is the .44 Magnum the most powerful handgun in the world?

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