Day: February 7, 2020

Fri. Feb. 7, 2020 – what a week

Cold, damp, windy.

Did some ebay listings, and shipping yesterday. Took the kids to the gun store to sell some GS cookies. Shout out to my favorite merchant of death for his support of our troop.

More ebay to do today, more listing and more shipping. Also more local auction stuff and remote tech support for my mom, and on top of that, flights for two upcoming family trips. No wonder I feel like I don’t have any time.

WRT the WuFlu- I don’t think it’s going anywhere folks, but everywhere. Time to review the CDC site on pandemic flu and think hard about what it would mean to you. Kids at home, no work (or no workers if you are a business), severely restricted travel and gathering. Shortages. Lots of unprepared people acting badly.

Safest is to not be there. Barring that though, low profile and stay in avoiding everyone possible is probably best. How long? Who knows? But you can bet it will be longer than 72 hours. Take a long look at the rows of beds in the arenas in china. Is that where you want to end up? Now consider being there with the people from down the street and around the corner… I’m pretty sure we don’t have anything like the chinese mobile plague hospitals, but we do have cots on the arena floor.

But don’t take my word for it. Wargame it out yourself. Best case, worst case, most likely case. Just be sure you can defend your assumptions for each with something more than “I don’t want to believe it could ever be like that.”

Keep in mind a possible 2008 style collapse of the financial system too, and any knock on from the collapsing trade with china.

It’s normal prepping for the apocalypse, but with the added urgency of seeing legit paths there, and not just hypotheticals. And a timeline. A short one, measured in weeks and months.

Keep stacking.


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