Day: February 13, 2020

Thur. Feb. 13, 2020 – Friday the 13th comes on a Thursday this month…

Cooler and wet. [45F and 96%RH]

I spent yesterday scrambling most of the day. Meatspace. Takes a lot of time.

Did get some more food, and put up another “bread kit” bucket. And a bucket of pasta. And some more cans.

Ended up more frustrated with the ISD management the more I ask them questions and the more I learn. They are all politicians. Their first instinct is to pat themselves on the back and lie. Or simply obfuscate. Very frustrating.

NB, financial info takes a while to ponder, understand, and question. When someone just hammers you with charts, figures, and graphs, while skipping around, conflating, and making false equivalences, then you can be pretty sure they’re lying about something. Or if not outright lying, then omitting and mis-directing to shape the narrative.

NB the second, having kids in class does not “generate revenue”. That is my money, taken from me under threat of punishment, skimmed and filtered, and then returned to my community to provide me a service. At no point does that school “generate” anything. The fact that they think so and use those concepts tells me a lot about the system.


Today I’m headed to Austin. Quick pickup, short stop at the Goodwill outlet, and back home in time to get daughter to piano. I’ll try to post a comment if I have any free time while there. Everyone here should have my email by now…. I’ll try to remember to check it.

Now, time to start this day.


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