Day: February 17, 2020

Mon. Feb. 17, 2020 – Presidents Day, I guess

Cool and a bit drier. [got that wrong, 63F and saturated, with haze and low fog]

Yesterday stayed damp and overcast. It was ok for work in the yard and driveway though.

I did make some small progress on stuff in the driveway and on general clean up. Some yard (pond fountain) stuff too.

I’m digging out some powered respirators I bought after Ebola 1, but never sold or got running. Big pile o stuff. That’s me. Smaug. Without the temper, and stuff- not gold. So I guess not really at all…

I’ve been busy in the comments over at Aesop’s for the last couple of days. Same stuff as here, mostly. But then we got us a troll. Actually the troll showed up previously but wasn’t so obvious. Man, what a difference this place is. And what a treasure. One troll p!ssing all over everything just has an outsized impact on use and enjoyment. Any time I think about “driving more traffic” here, I think about guys like that troll and stop that nonsense.

Oh, one other thing I did today was pull a piece of test gear out of my “shack” and install the two other pieces of gear that have been sitting on the floor in my office. The piece I pulled is 60 pounds if it’s an ounce. I’m hoping to sell it at next month’s Hamfest, and with the decent weather, it made sense. I have to pull it through my window, from outside to get it out. And to power everything up, I have to stand out there and reach in through the windows… My test gear is all stacked on a sort of bumped out window thing, like a bay window, with my desk in front of it. No way I could clear the desk enough to move 60 pounds into the room. So out the window it went. Tomorrow, if it’s still dry, I’ll be doing something similar through the other window, putting an AV receiver behind my monitor and setting up some decent speakers. It will get it off my floor, which is a plus, and I’m listening to more music lately at higher volumes when no one is home.

All that will take place in between working in the garage on food and medical storage, in the driveway, and working on ebay stuff–all while watching the kinder. Because they’ll be home from school all day, but my wife will be working.

Maybe I’ll get the grapevines trimmed somewhere in there too.

And try to keep tabs on the KungFlu.

Keep stacking.


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