Day: February 2, 2020

Sun. Feb. 2, 2020 – in the last couple of days I became aware of a sportsball game being played today

Cold and damp. [Cool at 51F and 99%RH at 830am]

Never warmed up much yesterday, although the sun was out and the sky was clear. Nice day after the gloom.

I had my swapmeet, and sold a few small things. I bought a couple of books, and hung out with the guys. Good day. Then did some auction pickups, and a bit of thrifting. I know. Hey, I only bought some music and puzzles. I’ll get hours of entertainment from that, and it doesn’t take any space.

It seems that there is a big sports event today. I’m serious that I only realized that yesterday. I have NO interest at all and I’m completely separated from anyone who does. If you like it, I’m not knocking you for it, but I haven’t got the slightest interest. If the weather holds, I’ll be cleaning the rat soiled shelves so I can get my food back indoors.

The KungFlu (I still like WuFlu, but I’m the only one who does while I’ve seen the Kung Flu appellation in many places) continues to infect people. In a couple of weeks we’ll finally have independent observations about lethality (hopefully not) and infection. But possibly by then we’ll have 1,000,000 chinese infected too. The effect on the global economy is going to be devastating. Even if everyone went back to work tomorrow, the economy would take a hit. Everyone isn’t going back to work tomorrow.

Plan and act accordingly.


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