Day: February 14, 2020

Fri. Feb. 14, 2020 – Happy Feast of St. Valentine

Cool and crisp, still wet. [39F and 99%RH, see your breath weather]

Yesterday stayed cool but got very clear. The drive to Austin and back was very windy too.

It was a lot of driving for one lot, even if it was a good lot, so I hit the Goodwill Outlet hoping for a big score. No sluch ruck…. no vintage audio, no single good piece. I still got 50 pounds of stuff, but it’ll be grinding to make the trip worthwhile.

I hope everyone with a sweetie takes a few moments to let them know you love them. None of us know how short our time is, and it makes a difference to say it out loud.

In bat soup crazy land, both SiG and Aesop spell out why it’s a bad idea to keep all the people on the cruise ship/plague boat, and why someone might be doing it will full malice aforethought… Fairly closed experiment and all that.

One takeaway from the quarantine reporting, and CDC’s non-working test, DON’T GET ON THE BUS. They are bumblers and they are getting people infected. Their goals are NOT your goals. No one is coming to help.

Xi laid the groundwork for the return to the fixed numbers when he said it would be a long grim war. Watch for him to do something similar again. This is not going away.

And I’ve got lots of stuff to do, including backstopping the wife on her travel arrangements for the next two trips I don’t particularly want to take. So I’m off….


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