Day: February 3, 2020

Mon. Feb. 3, 2020 – new week, new month, same old stuff

Cool and damp. [60F and 99%RH] Supposed to rain. I guess we’ll see.

Yesterday was flipping beautiful weather. I spent part of the day in the garage, cleaning shelves. I’ve decided I’m done with rats and need to put my stores back in order. I’ve got some losses with rusty cans but I’ve got ideas how to minimize that going forward. I don’t want to dip each can in lacquer, but I will if that’s the only way. I’ll try just keeping the rats off them as a start. I took some time to clean up in the yard too. I got some fresh air and sunshine.

I don’t know what the US financial markets will do today. They SHOULD go down, but with so many people buying the F’ing dip, who knows? China’s market tanked, surprising no one. Even if this ended tomorrow, the disruption is already taking off. This won’t end tomorrow.

Speaking of which, even my wife is awake now. She announced to the kids we’d be practicing not touching our faces, eyes, or mouths, and we’d be doing a lot more hand washing. Kids are getting a bit freaked out. Frankly, I am too. I don’t know if I WANT to sell my N95 masks even at a stupid profit. What if I need more than I intend to keep? To that end, I found some in my pandemic supplies that I can do without. They only have one strap, so I don’t like them, and they have the magic word- 3M so they sell well. They are NOS (New Old Stock) and out of date, but they do sell on ebay. They have a Habitat for Humanity price sticker, $5/box of 50. They are selling on ebay for $36/ box.

If you want some masks and think you’ve missed your chance, United Rentals had 3 boxes on the shelf when I was there renting my trailer. They didn’t even mark them up, so they were $1/ mask. I couldn’t help myself and bought one box. Point is, there are still masks out there, just maybe not in the first place you’d think to look. I’d try auto parts stores, tool rental houses, and places like that. My Grainger store has masks, the online tool lists 5 boxes in stock with 5 more available Tues. They have 6 other suitable styles available. Industrial suppliers are a good choice too. Auto paint suppliers might still have them.

WuFlu is coming to you… get yourself ready.


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