Day: July 27, 2018

Fri. July 27,2018 – weekend coming

Hmmm, weather station says 108F, it has to be stuck. I guess I’ll be climbing up and replacing batteries…

[edit- sun came up and the station started reporting again. Currently 86F. When I took the trash cans down to the street it felt like about 74F. Still gonna be hot today.]

It feels way to early to be thinking about back to school, but we are. The hurricane season has barely started, it’s hot as hades, and yet…

So what did you all do to prep for the coming civil war/economic collapse/bad diagnosis/personal injury/job loss?

I got some random stuff this week and last. Some medical stuff. Some camping stuff. I refilled all the propane tanks. I haven’t increased gasoline storage yet, but will. I need to start the little gennie too.

I’ve let my food stores dwindle with the rat problems. Still have a bunch, but not a year by any means. Venesuala comes to mind. Slow worsening, then much quicker, now worse every day.

I should order a charge controller and big battery for the new solar panel. That I can do without spending a lot of time, but I do need to make decisions about which one, and how big…

Yes, I’ve become complacent. That is not a good thing. All the threats are still there, and there are new ones as well.

Better get crackin’


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