Day: July 16, 2018

Mon. July 16, 2018 – should it matter?

Almost 80 and only 6 am… not a good sign for penguins….

Should what you do in your private life matter when it comes to your work life? This is a question that seems to be working it’s way through the public consciousness at the moment, with the vocal minority answering YES, and H3LL YES.

What does this say for society? Does it mean that for the instagram/twit/overshare generations there IS no private life, so every moment is fair game? Does it mean that with the ability to work any where, we are working EVERYwhere, and so fair game?

Or is it just the lefty prog worldview written large, where no one is holy enough, everyone needs to be denounced lest they denounce you first, and self excoriation is the word of the day?

A serious question- suppose you or a loved one has been shot in the head. The best brain surgeon in your city is a despicable human, with a terabyte of sick porn on his office pc, but the guy has the hands of god himself when it comes to putting brains back in the bowl… do you care what he does to relax? Or do you just want your kid’s life back?

Why does anyone care if Joe Businessman holds any particular belief if he’s good at the business?

Suppose the world renowned cave diving rescue doctor DOES live in Thailand so he can have ‘houseboys’ around as Musk accuses. Consider that the Thai don’t think that is an unusual or bad thing. A dozen people are alive today because of him. Is there balance? Can people with morally questionable lives do moral acts? Who are WE to judge?

Is there a ‘private life’ anymore or are ALL of your actions and beliefs fair game for public scrutiny and condemnation? Should they be?


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