Day: July 17, 2018

Tues. July 17, 2018 – progressive projection

77F at 6AM, another hot day.

Someone said that every accusation, every insult hurled by a progressive is actually projection. They are racist so they accuse others of racism. They are intolerant so they shout about intolerance. They are rapists and pedophiles, so they accuse…

So what does it mean when Hillarity accuses Trump of selling out the US to the Russians? When deep-state operatives accuse Trump of treason?

Others have noted the phenomenon. Pretty sure that it’s in Rory Miller’s book on violence that he points out that most violence comes with a warning. “If you don’t shut the F up, I’m gonna knock your @ss out!” One of the “tells” is when someone says something like “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna rape and murder you…” because that is EXACTLY what’s going through their mind at the time.

Apply what we know about the observed behaviour of progressives, and what we know about criminals, and draw your own conclusions about who is really acting in the best interest of the country- Trump, washed up criminal has beens, or criminal deep state operatives?


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