Day: July 28, 2018

Sat. July 28, 2018 – not as hot, still plenty of work to do

Well, we almost meet the rule of 10s, it’s 82F but it’s almost 9am. Should be closer to 90F by now. Glad I saved the lawn mowing for today 🙂

Censorship of alternative and conservative voices continues. If they want to in their non-governmental spaces, it’s legal. Unless they were ruled to be common carriers, so that they couldn’t be held liable for the things people post there, then NOT legal. I guess we’ll see. It is however ABHORRENT. Oh how far we’ve come. It tells me that they recognize the power and essential truths of those they ban. They’re scared of the speech. It’s also endgame for progs- when they have control of something, they can’t help but show their true desire for absolute control.

And Venezuela, jeez, knocking 5 zeros off the currency because they’ve waited too long to just knock off three? Yikes. ANYONE want to make the argument that those people wouldn’t have been better of with stockpiles of beans bullets and bandaids? (Bullion too, and not the soup kind.)

It was predictable and predicted. Some must have taken steps. The vast majority didn’t though. And there is a lesson in that.


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