Day: July 26, 2018

Thur. July 26, 2018 – cooler

Only 74 at 7am. Supposedly cooler and clear for the next couple of days. I hope so….

Woke up thinking of things that had changed my life for the better. I think I need to divide the list into intentional and un-intentional.

The short list for intentional- without much thought:

-cordless power tools that really work (starting with makita 9.6v)
-lasik eye surgery
-computers (starting with TRS-80 and apple II)
-cell phone (not smart phone) with national calling plan
-MIG welding (learning then buying my own machine)

Some that just happened to me
-seeing Cats at the Shubert theatre in Chicago
-changing major to theatre
-bad motorcycle accident
-meeting the right people
-engineering drawing (shop class, 7th grade)

(don’t know if these are good or bad, but they did change me)
-Rodney King riots

I’m sure there are more, but ‘time to make the donuts.’

-engineering drawing, (drafting class in 7th grade)

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