Day: July 6, 2018

Fri. July 6, 2018 – missed me, missed me, ….

At the last minute, after the first gusts arrived, the storm system that was aimed like an arrow at my house jogged west a hair and completely bypassed me last night.

Weather station says ‘no precip’ for me.

Today is 74F and 91%RH to start my day, and it’s sure to be hot and humid later.

A quick review of headlines shows a pause in reporting, probably due to the weird split week. I’m sure the slide continues.

I’ve been mulling the idea of ‘crowdsourcing’ and the ‘wisdom of crowds’ as presented in the business press, and I think they are making a fundamental error, but I don’t have my thoughts organized yet. Perhaps later.

In the mean time, the rain and heat here have put a damper on my preps. (hah) Zukes not thriving. Grape vine going wild but no fruit. Everyone but me has garden produce… waaaa.

Anyone do anything interesting to prep this week? Anyone signed up for learning a new skill or going to a new community meeting?


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