Sunday, 27 March 2016

10:50 – Barbara mentioned yesterday that we need to make up another batch of no-knead bread dough. We’ll do that this afternoon and bake the loaves tomorrow morning.

Which got me to thinking about creating a 3-ring binder of printed recipes. Until now, we’ve used either recipe books or Internet sources, but I want to have all of the recipes we use regularly in printed form. The day may come when we can’t get to the recipes on the Internet. And Barbara just mentioned the other day that she’d found a ream of three-hole punched printer paper, so I had no excuse not to start printing out recipes.

While we were still living in Winston, we almost never cooked or baked from scratch. Since we moved to Sparta, we’ve been doing a lot more of that, since Barbara is now retired and no longer has most of her day eaten by working at the law firm.