Saturday, 5 March 2016

10:04 – We got a lot done in my office yesterday. I was throwing out stuff like a ruthless panda. We filled two or three large garbage bags with stuff, including such valuable items as a carton of sealed glass vials of civil defense water purification powder that expired in 1978. We did keep a lot of stuff, such as a sealed plastic tube for an HE 81mm mortar round filled with several hundred rounds of 5.56 ammo that I loaded in about 1979. That’ll be fine for Barbara to use to shoot familiarization with the Mini-14 and AR-15, where an occasional misfire wouldn’t be a problem. We also found a lot of other neat stuff, including a Lafayette mobile SSB CB radio and SWR meter, both of which date from about the time I moved down to Winston-Salem in 1979/80. We didn’t find some of the stuff I know I still have, such as several hundred rounds of 7.62/.308 hand-loaded with pulled blue tips (incendiary) and another several hundred rounds I loaded with pulled tracer.

We’re installing floor-to-ceiling shelves in my office today, which’ll give Barbara room to unbox and shelve a lot of stuff. We’ll also do more ruthless panda stuff.