Thursday, 17 March 2016

09:48 – Barbara’s oral surgery went fine. She’s off to the gym and supermarket this morning. Colin has been sleeping through the night again instead of walking around all night whining and whimpering. That was going on Sunday and Monday nights. Barbara thinks it was because Frances and Al had stayed with us Saturday night and Colin was looking for them.

I’m going to check Blevins and Farmers Hardware today for firewood racks. We have probably a cord or more of wood in a pile in the corner of the back yard, just sitting there rotting. We want to get a rack or racks set up under the deck, order in a cord or two of firewood, and get it racked and under tarps. We won’t burn it routinely, so I’m considering whether there’s something I can spray on it to keep down the rot, insects, and snakes. I was thinking something environmentally-friendly like potassium cyanide, but I may just use some kind of organic pesticide.

We’re almost finished emptying out the Winston-Salem house. We’ll have to do a dump run to get rid of a lot of stuff we’re discarding, and Goodwill will have to bring a large truck to pick up the stuff we’re donating, but at that point the house will be empty. We met with a real estate agent on our trip down last weekend. She recommended we sell the house as-is instead of doing stuff like painting, refinishing some of the hardwood floors, and so on. I think that came as a relief to both of us. Yes, the house will sell for less than it might have otherwise, but we’d have to spend a lot of time, effort, and money getting all that stuff done. The house should sell pretty quickly, my guess is either to a young couple who’d rather do things themselves as we did when we bought it in 1987, or to someone who wants it as a rent property. It’s close to Wake Forest University, and with four bedrooms upstairs and a full granny apartment downstairs, the new owner could generate a nice rental income from it.