Tuesday, 22 March 2016

10:09 – A little excitement this morning. Barbara was trimming Colin’s claws and got a bit too deep on one. We didn’t have any styptic powder available, so at the recommendation of the vet, Barbara used some cornstarch. That didn’t stop the bleeding, so Barbara just took Colin over to see the vet. I’d actually thought about taking him to the vet last week, so Colin could meet them and they could meet him. We need to get a relationship set up with them anyway.

The electrician hasn’t returned my call yet. It’s not urgent, but if I don’t hear back from him in the next day or two, I’ll call a different electrician.

As I watch the level of civility between the Democrats and Republicans continue to degrade, I’m afraid we’re reaching the point where the two are no longer opponents, but actual enemies. We’re already seeing political violence, and we’re still in the primary season. How much worse is it likely to get in the run-up to the general election in November? We’re not at the point where Weimar Germany found itself in the late 1920’s, with street battles between gangs of Communist thugs and gangs of Nazi thugs, but with BLM leaders and other prog proxies calling for actions like the wholesale slaughter of cops and white civilians, we’re not all that far away from it, either. The inner cities are tinderboxes, and it wouldn’t take much of a spark to set off an inferno. I’m very happy that Barbara and I are well away from the Triad, with its population of 1,000,000+, many of whom are underclass. And if the November general election is widely perceived to have been stolen by one or the other party, things may get lively.