Tuesday, 8 March 2016

10:33 – We just moved a bunch of stuff up from the garage into the attic over the garage. Today, we’ll install more shelves in the garage and move stuff onto them. We also have a 50-pound bag of flour to transfer into empty one-gallon Costco water bottles. Two-liter soda bottles are fine for sugar, rice, corn meal, and other free-flowing materials, but their narrow mouths make them a PITA for flour and other materials that jam in the funnel. We still have a bunch of old 3-liter bottles down in Winston that are currently full of water. We’ll empty those and re-purpose them for flour. That leaves us with hundreds of 2-liter bottles that we’ll rinse with dilute chlorine bleach and fill to 1.8 liters with water, in case they freeze.