Tuesday, 22 March 2016

10:09 – A little excitement this morning. Barbara was trimming Colin’s claws and got a bit too deep on one. We didn’t have any styptic powder available, so at the recommendation of the vet, Barbara used some cornstarch. That didn’t stop the bleeding, so Barbara just took Colin over to see the vet. I’d actually thought about taking him to the vet last week, so Colin could meet them and they could meet him. We need to get a relationship set up with them anyway.

The electrician hasn’t returned my call yet. It’s not urgent, but if I don’t hear back from him in the next day or two, I’ll call a different electrician.

As I watch the level of civility between the Democrats and Republicans continue to degrade, I’m afraid we’re reaching the point where the two are no longer opponents, but actual enemies. We’re already seeing political violence, and we’re still in the primary season. How much worse is it likely to get in the run-up to the general election in November? We’re not at the point where Weimar Germany found itself in the late 1920’s, with street battles between gangs of Communist thugs and gangs of Nazi thugs, but with BLM leaders and other prog proxies calling for actions like the wholesale slaughter of cops and white civilians, we’re not all that far away from it, either. The inner cities are tinderboxes, and it wouldn’t take much of a spark to set off an inferno. I’m very happy that Barbara and I are well away from the Triad, with its population of 1,000,000+, many of whom are underclass. And if the November general election is widely perceived to have been stolen by one or the other party, things may get lively.

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  1. They’re trying to blame Trump for the current political climate, but this has been coming for some time. The parasites have been getting a free ride for years now and any perceived threat to the handouts has them squealing like pigs.

    I suspect in the end the government will just bribe them with more free stuff, increasing the debt and digging us into a bigger hole. The end when it comes, and it will, is not going to be pretty.

  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3504148/79-minutes-terror-two-explosions-airport-one-packed-metro-train-left-34-dead-rush-hour-Brussels.html#ixzz43dTzYxtw

    I’m pretty sure the perpetrators were Roman Catholic gun nuts from the western American Redoubt, probably hangers-on and fanboys of the Hammonds and suchlike. We need the FBI to root out these haters and violent racist thugs and I fault Donald Trump for inciting this climate of violence and hate.

    Of course this sort of thing can never happen here.

    “I suspect in the end the government will just bribe them with more free stuff, increasing the debt and digging us into a bigger hole. The end when it comes, and it will, is not going to be pretty.”

    I suspect you are correct, Mr. Al.

    Another sunny day here but temps will stay in the 20s at night and 30s during the days, might hit forty a couple of days, and rain and snow showers beginning tonight.

    Today is bill-paying day, and since everything is overdue again thanks to wife’s employers, we’ll see how fast we can wipe out her most recent check, which, incidentally, was deposited by me on Saturday morning but which was only credited as being deposited yesterday and only put in our account THIS morning. So the bank sat on it for another 72 hours after it was already late anyway. And out of it she has to have enough put aside for her hotel, etc., at her next gig out in Denver. No wonder we can never get ahead, let alone caught up.

  3. Yep, it’s not unlikely that we’re in for bad times. I often wonder how many of my readers are actually doing something about getting prepared, as opposed to just thinking and talking about it.

    I know it can be overwhelming, but it’s better by far to actually do even a little rather than just think about doing a lot. I really, really hope that things don’t get as bad as I fear they might. I’m too old for this shit. But if things do go downhill badly, I want to have done as much as I reasonably can to prepare for that.

  4. The bomb in the the Brussels Metro station was directly next to my office. Fortunately, I am on Easter vacation elsewhere. I am waiting to hear whether colleagues on their way to work were caught up in it…

  5. I used to travel through the Brussels airport every month on my regular visits to Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Paris. But that was back in the 90’s before Hillary blew up Syria and Libya sending millions of “refugees” into the EU. The European Union with it’s reams of human rights regulations has not only ignored the problem but have hobbled their intelligence and police agencies with insane “human rights” rules. I told the Wife last week that were are so lucky to have lived in and explored Europe when we did because our grandchildren will not be able to visit the Islamic State of Europe. Without the insane leadership of the EU this never would have happened. It has become a suicide pact for all Europe. I expect that the UK will vote to leave the EU shortly but also expect the leaders to ignore that vote.

  6. our grandchildren will not be able to visit the Islamic State of Europe

    I wouldn’t worry about that. For better or for worse, events like this are awakening serious nationalist movements. I think the days of accepting hundreds of thousands of immigrants from Islamic countries are already over. Many borders are closed, and more will follow.

    There will also be huge societal pressure on muslims already here to visibly fit in and integrate, because those who refuse to do so will be distrusted. Which will serve to self-identify the extremists.

    The days of the SJWs and multiculturalism are coming to a crashing end. In a generation, or even in ten years, things are likely to look very different indeed.

  7. ‘The days of the SJWs and multiculturalism are coming to a crashing end.’

    I’m not convinced Brad, but I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.

  8. To lighten things up. This is a useful link to find 3D Printing Services near you. You can upload files, select materials, etc.  I haven’t used it, but there are plenty of places around Vegas.

    I wonder if they will 3D print a gun for me?

  9. ” I told the Wife last week that were are so lucky to have lived in and explored Europe when we did because our grandchildren will not be able to visit the Islamic State of Europe. ”

    I have the same feeling. My wife took a ‘girls’ trip, with the female side of her extended family a few years ago to see the ancestral homeland, and to pay respects on Normandy beaches. She mentioned taking our girls sometime on the same trip. I let it pass, as I didn’t want to get into all the reasons I don’t think that’s likely to happen. Given her melancholy sigh, I don’t think she really expects it either. She’s no dummy and has read Kratman’s Caliphate too. Kratman is looking like a freaking time traveler.

    @Denis, I hope all your co-workers are OK.

    @Harold, I used to travel thru airports twice a week for work. I did it for years, even after 9/11. Now I only travel with my family on vacation, and that is actually way worse. People in the ‘community’ have been discussing attacks on crowds in line for check in and security since the 9/11 additional checks went into place, and this is not the first, although it seems to be one of the most deadly. All our current security theatre does is move the chokepoint further out. If you don’t extend the security perimeter, you just bunch up the targets.

    @RBT, I had a conversation with a small businessman neighbor of mine yesterday. Even though he is an immigrant, and comes from extreme poverty, it didn’t occur to him to prep for the hard times he sees coming. I suggested spending $100 on rice, salt, oil, and flour as cheap insurance, and I could see he’d never thought of it. Instead he’d been trapped in the fatalism of his youth. Hard times coming, just gonna have to endure. I suggested that he could take some inexpensive steps to make the hard times easier…

    As to who is actually prepping? I guess you would have to define at what point you get serious, as the spectrum is pretty broad. It would be interesting to see the response of the group here. I always like to see someone whose name I don’t recognize ‘decloak’ and contribute 🙂

    I might suggest that, even with the natural reluctance to talk about failing, anyone who is sharing but NOT talking about failures is either not actually prepping, or not actually USING their preps. I think I’m pretty savvy, and I find failure to some degree almost every time I try something new, either a technique or a thing. And I find that wherever I’ve got an assumption, that’s my point of failure.

    On the other hand, it’s a process, and even baby steps are steps. I think there are a lot of people out there who are just starting to actually act. Some of those acts might seem really small to those of use that are further along, but are actually a big step psychologically. If you’ve lived your whole life with the idea that nothing bad will happen, and someone else will be there to help if it does, even just taking the first step of storing some food and water, or buying flashlights or knives, or tools can be difficult. For those folks, even in taking such a small step, they have to acknowledge that bad things MIGHT happen, and they MIGHT be on their own. That is a HUGE change in their belief system.

    If you (not RBT obviously) are one of the folks that has made that first step, don’t be discouraged by how far the journey looks. Keep moving down the path and you will get there. I might personally suggest moving quickly to get the basics taken care of. (one of the reasons I don’t condemn ‘panic buying’, as long as it’s useful stuff, is that it quickly moves you forward and can give you ‘breathing space’ to do some more research and then more thorough prepping.)

    But, if you are still doing “research” and compiling binders full of information, but haven’t actually started stacking food, water, meds, ammo, etc. –time to start ACTING. You will never have the complete solution. You will never have the “perfect” thing/system/knowledge. Owning the book about a topic is NOT the same as knowing the topic! I personally had to get over this. For a long time, I’d buy computer books just to have them and felt better having bought the book. Outside of consciously building a grid down reference library, this is a deadly trap! Stop dithering and start acting. If faced with a choice, pick one! and move on.

    ANY gun is better than no gun. Any amount of food and water is better than NO food and water. Any exercise is better than no exercise. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    And finally to those who think someone else will solve whatever problems you have, google “Katrina.” Google “fema trailer”. If despite all the evidence to the contrary, you still believe in the power of government to help you, read them in their own words. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN FOR THE FIRST 72 HOURS OF A DISASTER. They are spending millions on programs to ameliorate that, but that is the plain fact. You will be on your own for food, shelter, medical, security, all of it. BTW, 72 hours is for a small disaster, and only until help starts to trickle in, NOT until you are back in a warm dry shelter, with a full belly.

    One last thought in this wall o text. If it has happened before, it can happen again. EVERY natural and manmade disaster that we prep for has happened or has a close cousin that happened (with the possible exception of alien landings, and zombies.)


  10. @Denis; I hope your colleagues are all OK and nobody was hurt by this latest atrocity. Very fortunate you’re elsewhere.

    “I’m not convinced Brad, but I hope you’re right and I’m wrong.”


    I reckon there will be some massive pushback coming sooner or later but what form it will take is unknown; people are really sick and tired of this shit, but our rulers and the Euro rulers have other plans.

    “I wonder if they will 3D print a gun for me?

    Can’t hurt to ask, amirite? Meanwhile there is this:


  11. @Denis, I prayed for your nation this morning. I am afraid that the hard times for Europe are just starting.

    My great-grandparents gathered up their one kid, sold most of their belongings, and moved to the USA in 1905??? when someone torched my great-grandfather’s warehouse outside Brussels. He had argued with the Guild about selling stuff (I have no idea what) that he had bought and stored whereas the Guild wanted the prices to run up for a while longer. The impact on our family has been immense. Five generations of Pyssons have lived in Texas. I am not sure that our family would have survived the two world wars, much less the coming war for the Caliphate in Europe.

  12. Flashlights, First Aid, Firearms (and ammo) and a 2 weeks Food stowed away. I think I will up the food to 30 days worth this weekend. 20 gallons of water, have to think on that, but I have purification for more. It’s a start.

  13. We need to put George Soros on a plane to London. The word on the streets is that the crown would consider opening the Tower back up for him. He crashed the British Pound about 20? years ago and forced them to greenmail him.

  14. First, @Denis you, your family, your coworkers, your friends, and the fine people of Belgium are in my thoughts and prayers.

    While I am disturbed that Glenn Beck appears to be going off the deep end recently, this statement today has it exactly right. These attacks are not radical islam, they are traditional islam. Please read.

    IMHO we need to line up mooslems from their ghettos and begin a decimation. This is to be done everyday until they get a clue to turn in the scum and assimilate. Wait, I’m not feeling charitable today. Just a daily decimation until only one is left, then daily cut off 10% of the slime’s body. Macro-aggression times infinity.

  15. While I completely agree with NICK “doing something is better than doing nothing” I do get frustrated sometimes by people doing silly things. My brother-in-law, retired Marine and now works for BLM in Wyoming, he’s a Mormon and encouraged to keep a years supply of food on hand. Speaking with his wife the other day she complained about his lack of “prepping”. I asked if they had stockpiles of basic food stuffs. “No” she moaned “he has two crates of MREs and says that is all we need”. I told her to ask him to imagine his little daughters eating nothing but MREs for a month. MREs are great for short emergencies but crazy to imaging feeding a family on them for weeks at a time.
    I have at least four months of regular daily foods and another couple of dehydrated emergency foods and am always looking at ways to store more. My big issue is water. I have about 100 gal in BPA free bottles but storage space is at a premium. I live next to a large lake so I have a family size filtration system but still feel under-prepared.
    Tested the Motorola GMRS radios on a recent trip. Advertised 35 mile (optimum range) works out to about 4 miles car-to-car. A little further if you hang the stubby antenna out the window. A little less range than our portable Motorola CB hand held with the magnetic antenna. But the little GMRS units sure came in handy doing cores around the in-laws 80 acres. Will be keeping one GMRS in each car and a pair at the house.

  16. I’m very happy that Barbara and I are well away from the Triad, with its population of 1,000,000+, many of whom are underclass. And if the November general election is widely perceived to have been stolen by one or the other party, things may get lively.

    I would get that house on the market as soon as possible. First, this is the home buying season as parents want to be settled in before school starts in August. Second, an empty house is a teenager party house. You would not believe how much damage a weekend party of 40 or 50 teenagers can do to an empty house (been there, done that with my parents rent house).

    Do you have a realtor yet? The realtor should be advising you about fixups necessary to sell it.

  17. “…the crown would consider opening the Tower back up for him.”

    The Tower is too good for the likes of that Nazi scumbag; keep him in a pen on Tower Hill for the mob to stare at and throw garbage at until it looks like he’s about to croak. And then put him at the chopping block and give the headsman a very dull axe after getting him chit-faced the night before.

    “Macro-aggression times infinity.”


    And to gin up my own daily ration of hate and racism, I got the local nooz rag today and there was an insert of the local high skool’s paper with the whole front page devoted to BLM bullshit and the principal being the usual wishy-washy sap caving in to whichever assholes supposedly contacted them all recently. This is in a skool where the student body is about 99% Caucasian. And the young males of the tiny handful of black people in this town/city regularly make the police blotter for various criminal activities, but I’m rayciss for mentioning it. After a while regular people who normally wouldn’t get too annoyed actually do start being very annoyed by a regular diet of this crap in their communities or hearing about it happening elsewhere. And then being constantly told to STFU about it.

    As for musloids, I keep hearing rumors that we may get some coming to this AO and being given housing, etc. We’ll see how that goes, if it goes.

    “Will be keeping one FMRS in each car and a pair at the house.”

    I’ve got the license for those freqs and a Midland setup that I am now reminded again to get out and test. We have a lot of flat level terrain here along the lake so I’d be curious to see what the range is, although I know full well it ain’t gonna be the advertised 35 miles.

    Just paid a bunch of bills and now finding a $1,200 discrepancy between yesterday and today and also trying to find out what the IRS means by sending us a letter yesterday claiming we didn’t file our 2014 tax return; some here may remember the nightmare we went through last year with that exact same return. We filed it and then they claimed we didn’t, and froze our bank accounts, etc., causing no end of hassle for us, etc., etc. Now they’re doing it again. I’m starting to smell a rat; tried calling and I get put on hold and then there’s a busy signal, all afternoon. Now to try their much-vaunted web site.

  18. As I watch the level of civility between the Democrats and Republicans continue to degrade, I’m afraid we’re reaching the point where the two are no longer opponents, but actual enemies.

    Were you not aware that the leading Democratic Presidential Candidate has already called the National Rifle Association her biggest enemy? Which reminds me, I need to join the National Rifle Association.

  19. @OFD: Damn, sorry to hear that, for all the good my sympathy does you. Once you’re on the wrong side of a bureaucracy, they seem to be like elephants, and never forget. Bored? Let’s pick someone on the blacklist we can mess with. Since the individuals are totally not accountable for their “mistakes”, well…

    I do wonder, though. Even faceless bureaucracies can overstep. If you keep records of their screw-ups, and there are enough of them, and they can be shown to be harassing or even malicious – it seems like there must eventually be some legal recourse through the normal court system?

  20. I’m looking to experiment with something. With all the vintage computer experience represented among RBT’s readership, I thought this would be a good place to ask if anyone had a copy of OS/2 Warp 3 or 4? Thanks in advance for any help.

  21. “…it seems like there must eventually be some legal recourse through the normal court system?”

    We’ll see what the next step is, such as being able to actually contact them, like they told us to do in the letter, and again on their web site. Call the number given, go through all the vm hoops and get put on hold. Then, typically get disconnected or a sudden busy signal. Rinse and repeat all day. To no result. Next up: the Tax Advocates office again, and they did OK by us last year. A third time of this sorta thing and we’ll be getting a tax lawyer on it accordingly. We already have a monthly payment plan with them, which gets deducted automatically. And I just also found out that they’re skimming nearly $200 monthly from my SS checks for, probably, an old Fed student loan, taken out nearly a quarter-century ago. Zero contact since then about it but they sure got it now. Can’t wait to see what they do to my VA disability checks, assuming I even get any.

    “Which reminds me, I need to join the National Rifle Association.”

    Get ‘er done, son. I’m a Patron Life Member and does the ol’ ticker good to hear I’m on her enemies list, maybe near the top, too. Cool.

    Which reminds me, gotta get to the range this next week. Need to zero a couple of things.

  22. Yep. Warp 4. I believe I have the .iso files at home. How would you like them delivered?

  23. @harold, midland makes a mobile GMRS radio, and there are repeaters available too. GMRS requires a license but it’s cheap, about $75 IIRC and covers your whole family for 3 years. Not that there is any enforcement, but the (admittedly rare) local repeater operators won’t let you on if you don’t have on.

    I guess I should say “anything is better than nothing, but should be a start, not an excuse to stop.”

    Unfortunately his wife and kids will pay the price for him volunteering for the cull.


  24. Just tried to post twice for SVJeff’s query; kickass torrents also has OS/2 Warp 4. First time my post didn’t show up. Tried again and was advised I’d already done it. Still not there. Weird.

  25. Ok, spent the day looking at apps and now need to ask for help.

    I have a customer that needs a smartphone app to control one device. iOS, and android xcompatible is good but iOS is their choice. It just means it’s harder for me.

    I need ONE push button that sends an ascii string to an internet address, waits, then sends another. I’m using DDNS with port forwarding at the site.

    The application is to close (then open) a relay to activate a gate opener. The IoT relay is a Global Cache’ iTachIP2CC. The strings are setstate,1:3,1 (wait 1 sec or less) setstate,1:3,0.

    That’s it. Even better would be if they could open a camera stream in a window, and then push the button to open the gate. Searching the app store results in hundreds of IR based universal remotes, none of which seem to be simplifiable to one button, and I haven’t found one yet that would do TCP. S Remote Control, by some foreign guy looks perfect but doesn’t work, and there is no info about what’s actually going on with the commands it sends. Nothing else I’ve looked at even comes close. (I’m on the android side of the fence.)

    I’ve confirmed the hardware is working on my local network using global’s tool, and a terminal program. The strings need to be followed by a carriage return to be ack’d.

    I can’t believe there isn’t a simple app, with a user defined number of buttons, with a user defined command string out there….


  26. IRS means by sending us a letter yesterday claiming we didn’t file our 2014 tax return

    I’ve gotten two letters in the past saying we didn’t pay our xxxx year 1040 taxes. Of course, we did. They looked it up and, yep, they were paid. All those turds do is let a computer do it without checking. Low hanging fruit and all. I’ve also got a letter saying the same about our corporate 1120 taxes. Yep, all they had to do was look in our file and it was paid. They must be hiring BLM douches, SJW’s, and useless fucks these days.

  27. “They must be hiring BLM douches, SJW’s, and useless fucks these days.”

    Thanks for that info, MrAtoz; I was starting to think that maybe I had really gone totally round the bend and somehow forgotten it or something. Told wife just now on the phone and she said: “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt????”, also knew we filed them after all that crap we already went through. I was also starting to worry that they’d freeze the accounts again on just that incorrect info in the letter, which they did before, WITHOUT even sending a letter until days later, after the fact. Incompetent bastards.

    Which is also cause for both hope and more worry: maybe there is just so much incompetence at the state and Fed levels of gummint that they won’t be able to organize truly effective police state repression here. And you look over at the French and Belgian security forces and they had these subhuman scumbags be-bopping all over the landscape right under their long Gallic noses and didn’t catch them. The cops are great for showing up long after an event, in time to put up the yellow tape, write lying reports, and then not following up with genuine investigations by competent detectives. The worry comes from that idea that MrAtoz mentioned; if they leave it all up to computers programmed by more bureaucrat IT drones or contractors, what mayhem might then result on our end out here?

    Well, in any case, wife told me her cousin is picking up great-grandma at the airport tomorrow night and she herself will get a cab to GG’s house when she gets in around 9 or 10 and I’ll pick her up after my vets group meeting Thursday afternoon. That gives me a whole other day to clean up around here and get the oil furnace going again when the oil company deigns to deliver some oil. No big deal as I’m operating exclusively with the wood stove now and for the past week anyway.

  28. I wonder what checks and balances the IRS has in place to prevent Skynet from just draining your accounts when the sub-human proto-apes don’t show up for work(cause Wal*fart is having a sale on useless shit). Oh, that would be *none*. Once your accounts are tapped, you are screwed.

    I think the worst Skynet action that got me was a charge to a years old AMEX card. The account was closed long ago, but was used to auto debit some online biz stuff. Some doosh at the online service accidentally pushed the wrong button (they admitted as much) and charged us. AMEX just reactivated the account and sent us a bill. That really pissed me off and AMEX apologized profusely and took care of everything.

    Skynet taking all our funds will be the last nail in the revolutionary coffin.

  29. Andrew Grove passed away yesterday. He took Intel from 30 customers to 300 million customers.

    I read his book back in the 90s. It made a lot of sense back then. I probably need to read it again knowing what I know now.

  30. “Once your accounts are tapped, you are screwed.”

    We were screwed pretty good for several weeks, and lost probably close to a grand on THEIR fuckup. No apologies, no acknowledgement, nothing. That grand coulda paid bills or coulda got me a Ruger Precision Rifle in .308, which I now have a major jones for.

    And speaking of firearms:


    For “bearable arms,” it means for OFD the M60, grenade launchers, and 90mm recoilless rifle for starters, not to mention Stingers and suchlike and RPGs. Wooooo-hooooo! Ima gon hab me sum fun!

    “What are these “checks and balances” that you talk of?”

    MrAtoz was prolly just having a senior moment there, or caught a whiff of bad ganja from the zombie strippers in the downstairs condo; he knows better. And Mrs. OFD and I CERTAINLY know better. There AIN’T no checks or balances.

    RIP Andy Grove. And good riddance to Steve Jobs. Now if we can just get rid of Bill Gates and Larry Ellison….not to mention that Zuckerberg asshole. And the Google jerkoffs.

  31. That’s Massachusetts. Having lived there, just North of Boston, I continually wished I could move just a little farther north and live in NH. Wouldn’t have helped, since I worked in downtown Boston.

    Massachusetts is a lib/prog haven. The Kennedy family is (or was) practically royalty, whom you criticized at your peril. This wasn’t sooo long ago – it was around the time the younger Kennedy generation was dying of drug overdoses and (allegedly) raping visitors at their vacation home – so there was lots to criticize.

    And guns?!?! Of course, they don’t object to all the factories (Raytheon, etc.) building military equipment, because that keeps them in butter, but guns?

    Boston is a beautiful city, great eats, lots of history – but the politics are hard to take.

  32. After y’all have finished deporting the musloids you can deport all the Irish Catholics, then all the Catholics. The Democrats won’t have a prayer for the next 50 years… 🙂

  33. RE: SCOTUS, did you notice the original logic? There were no stun guns when the 2A was written, so it doesn’t apply.

    I wonder how the liberal turds who apply that to modern guns feel about one of their victim group having that argument used against her? Oh, right, they NEED victims, both as a constituency and as someone to feel superior to.

    You have to marvel at the shear chutzpah of the argument though. What else wasn’t there in 1778? Oh, radio, television, the internet, amplified sound, mimeo machines, xerox, I guess the 1A doesn’t apply to them. Or maybe some of the Christian sects? Mormons? Not protected. Maybe any state admitted after then shouldn’t be covered by the 10th? Hell, none of us were ALIVE when the whole shebang was ratified, so I guess it doesn’t apply to us either…


    (yes they are sick fukcers. literally sick. or mentally defective.)

    It should have been thrown out on its face, as should most if not all of the gun laws. If the founders had wanted ‘reasonable’ restrictions or modifications by law, they would have mentioned it, like they did for some of the other As. Instead they said “shall not be infringed.”

    Preaching to the choir, I know.

  34. JimL & OFD. Thanks for the help. I’ll try the download link. JimL, if you’d like to contact me directly, use my ‘userID’ above at hotmail

  35. Have fun with it and let us know how it works for ya. When I was still at IBM three years ago, they actually continued to have a department there running it, for some odd reason. (my gig was RHEL cluster support, defense contractor, with a security clearance and annual ITAR cert).

  36. Spent way too much time trying to get os/2 warp installed on a lappy back in the day. Even talked on the phone directly to the engineers in Boca Raton. They seemed a bit nonplussed that anyone would WANT to run it on a lappy.

    I never did get it to run well.

    I think I still have a development environment I won at a user’s group meeting somewhere, sealed in the box. i’ll look next time I’m at my storage unit….


  37. For an update on my experience with remote control apps.

    I should have gone directly to the iOS side. The obvious choice is Mote. It has evolved into a whole platform for av and home automation control, and is much more complicated than what I need. Four years ago it was a much simpler app. After a few hours and a video, I now have a button that activates an ethernet controlled relay. On one ipad. on my local network. It doesn’t do it consistently, or with the same timing, but it does it.

    The semi-pro, more capable app builder, seems to be CommandFusion, which also has hardware built to compliment it.

    I’ll spend a few more hours on it I guess. Got one kid home sick anyway….


  38. Massachusetts is a lib/prog haven.

    One of the things that makes Texas great is that ALL of the state judges have to run for re-election every four??? years. Every JP, district court, appeals court and the state supreme court judge. All have to run for re-election continuously. Makes them scared of doing crazy things to the electorate. Puts a lot of names on the ballot but, so what.

    Lifetime judges are just wrong. If the founders knew that our average lifespan was going to be 85 years now, I feel sure that they would have term limited everyone in the federal capacity.

  39. “… If the founders knew that our average lifespan was going to be 85 years now…

    I doubt they had any idea of “average lifespan” other than the Biblical “threescore” and maybe “ten” more. No actuary tables devised yet.

    This raises pesky questions for certain types of people, of course; gee, we didn’t have AR’s or M60s back then, either. They SURE wouldn’t have authorized THOSE, would they? Guess again, Grasshopper; the SCOTUS just said “all BEARABLE” arms, so to me that means the sky’s nearly the limit now. RPGs, baby! Stingers!

    Any Murkan citizens who genuinely wish to understand “originality” as regards the Constitution and Bill of Rights should look to the late Justice Scalia’s various rulings, or for a digest of it, the current cover article in “Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.”

  40. You can now buy a semi automatic version of the M60 from FN FAL with a closed bolt. Only $8,000.

  41. “You can now buy a semi automatic version of the M60 from FN FAL with a closed bolt. Only $8,000.”

    Swell. The whole point of having an M60 is for the machine-gun capability, although it is certainly possible to click off one or two shots at a time with the originals. For that kinda money, I want the Real McCoy.

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