Day: January 28, 2016

Thursday, 28 January 2016

10:30 – Barbara left about an hour ago to drive down to Winston, where she’s running some errands and having lunch with a friend. She was originally planning to go yesterday, but the weather forecast was iffy, so they rescheduled for Friday. Yesterday afternoon, the revised forecast said today would be fine, so Barbara re-rescheduled for today. She should be back mid-afternoon with another load of boxes to be unloaded and sorted out.

My new desktop system from Costco is supposed to arrive today, although I won’t have time to set it up until the first of next week. I’m still busy with administrative stuff, some of which has a submission deadline of 31 January. UPS is also supposed to deliver a “USB” camera cable from Amazon. I put that in quotes, because it’s not a standard USB cable. The A end is standard, but the B end is a proprietary connector that looks kind of like a mini-B, but isn’t. Apparently, that non-standard connector is widely used by camera manufacturers. I actually had to order a mini-B and find out it didn’t fit the camera connector before I realized the cable was proprietary. Sometimes I hate learning something new every day.

Not to sound like one of those crazy prepper types, but reading the headlines lately makes me think it might not be a bad idea to keep a few extra days worth of canned food and water on hand.

That last is a quote from an email I got from a guy I’ve known since I was in grad school 40 years ago. Ordinarily, I’d say they could use a picture of him next to the word “oblivious” in the dictionary, so apparently the prepping phenomenon is spreading even to the general public.

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