Day: January 5, 2016

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

09:09 – It was 14F (-10C) when I took Colin out the first time this morning, with a windchill below 0F. Even he didn’t want to stay out long. The high today is to be about freezing, with tonight again down in the low to mid-teens.

We made a lot of progress yesterday on getting the unfinished basement area set up to build kits. One large built-in shelving unit now holds bins of chemical bottles, about 120 of them, all alphabetized and ready to pick and pack from. The floor area is generally cleared and ready to set up work tables. We’ll get more preparation done down there today.

I’ve been reading a lot of news articles about Obama taking more steps toward confiscating guns. I don’t think he’ll attempt to confiscate guns. He’s a stupid man, but not so stupid that he doesn’t understand that he doesn’t have the resources to do that. Who would do the actual confiscating? State and local LE? Good luck with that. In the first place, many state and local LE personnel sympathize with the gun owners because they’re gun owners themselves and would oppose any further infringements on the 2nd Amendment, let alone outright confiscation. In the second place, if domestics are dangerous for cops to deal with, imagine how much more dangerous gun confiscations would be. We’d end up with a whole lot of dead gun owners, but also a whole lot of dead cops. Obama might order federal LE to do the confiscations, but there aren’t enough of them to make any real difference. And they have families, too. The military? Good luck with that. Many of them are Oath Keepers, either explicitly or as sympathizers. I think it’s unlikely that our military would undertake a wholesale gross violation of our Constitutional rights. And again, they have families, too. Hell, Obama’s own SS bodyguard are sworn to uphold the Constitution. They might turn on him, and he must know that. So I don’t see any widespread gun confiscations happening any time soon.

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