Day: January 26, 2016

Tuesday, 26 January 2015

11:14 – Here’s an article by Kurt Schlichter that’s worth reading: Buy Ammo


[…]An armed, trained populace is not only prepared for when things go bad, but the fact that it is armed and trained makes it much less likely that things will go bad in the first place. Last year, Americans voted for liberty by buying well over 15 million new guns. That’s roughly 40,000 a day, every day. That’s enough to arm three infantry divisions.

Every. Single. Day.

Just don’t forget to buy ammo.

That’s simply stunning. I’d never thought about it that way. Many of those 40,000 new guns per day were black rifles. Sure, 40,000 new guns a day doesn’t really translate to three infantry divisions or anything close. It is, nonetheless, a significant number, to say the least. And it’s pretty obvious that any attempt to confiscate guns on a wide scale would be impractical, particularly in rural areas, not least because many/most of the people who would be charged with doing so are more in sympathy with gun owners than with the government. Not to mention that it would be hideously dangerous for the people doing the confiscating.

On the prepping front, I’m still making up a shopping list for our next Costco run. Barbara said last night that we have enough rice, especially since we have about 200 pounds of it in stock and don’t routinely use all that much of it. She has a point. But she doesn’t object to adding to our stocks of bulk sugar, flour, egg noodles, vegetable oil, and so on, which we do use a lot of. Speaking of which, she volunteered the other day that she’s going to bake cornbread, which we haven’t had in a long time.

We need to get some two-liter soda bottles ready to fill with sugar, flour, etc. I’m fully booked right now with administrative stuff that needs to be complete by 31 January, so that’ll be a project for early February. That and getting shelving set up in my office and getting stuff moved from boxes onto the shelving.

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