Day: January 9, 2016

Saturday, 9 January 2016

07:48 – We got a lot done yesterday, including making up and bottling chemicals, building a new batch of the FK01B forensic science kits, and making oatmeal cookies. I made up the batter. When we got ready to bake them after dinner, Barbara took over to actually put the globs of batter on the pan and bake the cookies. I think she grabbed the reins because she saw me ready to weigh the prepared batter and divide it by mass into 24 portions. Hey, the recipe said it made 24 cookies.

Incredibly, the DVD boxed set I ordered Wednesday from showed up about 6:15 yesterday evening. Two-day delivery for international mail is pretty impressive. I mentioned it to the DHL delivery guy, and he said it was pretty routine. He said they often see ordinary non-priority parcels from China arrive at the US destination in one day.

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