Day: January 24, 2016

Sunday, 24 January 2016

12:31 – I hope USPS is running tomorrow. I have kits stacked up and awaiting pickup. Barbara shoveled the front steps and walk this morning. I got the Trooper out of the garage and used it to punch through the pile of snow that the snowplow had left blocking our driveway.

We’re watching Last Tango in Halifax and Orange is the New Black on Netflix streaming. The former is typically high-quality British drama. The second is up to Netflix’s usual high standards. It features lots of nekkid women and simulated cunnilingus, so it’s not appropriate for pre-pubescent children, although teenagers won’t find anything new or shocking in it.

Last night, I read Bobby Andrews’ Prepper’s Crucible (Omnibus, Volumes 1-3): An EMP Tale. He’s not a great writer, although he gets better as he goes along. He calls this three volumes, but in really it’s one mid-length novel. The fourth volume is also available, like the omnibus volume, from Kindle Unlimited. It’s only a nominal 115 pages, so I’ll go ahead and read it as well. Volume 5 is imminent, and is available for pre-order.

I’m going to help Barbara hang more pictures this afternoon. Tomorrow we need to make up more biology chemical bags and build more biology kits.

Email from Jen. She reads lots of PA novels, and has decided that she could do a better job. She’s currently outlining the first volume, which she intends to self-publish on Amazon. We’ll see. Lots of people start writing books. Few finish them. On the other hand, Jen is a very determined woman, so perhaps she’ll actually do it.

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