Day: January 6, 2016

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

11:07 – It was 13F (-10.5C) when Barbara took Colin out the first time this morning. Our temperatures are to moderate somewhat over the next few days. We may even have highs above freezing, and the lows are to be mostly in the 20s.

Barbara left about 0800 to run some errands down in Winston-Salem. She’ll be back late this afternoon. So far, Colin has spent his day pestering me to take him out and barking at pretty much nothing.

I’m spending the day making up some solutions I need to bottle for kits, printing bottle labels, etc. We’ll spend tomorrow and Friday getting bottles filled and labeled, making up chemicals bags, and building more kits.

I’m noticing more and more articles in the MSM press and websites about preparedness in general and grid-down issues in particular. When the Winston-Salem Journal runs a front-page article above the fold about cyberattacks on our electrical grids and the need to prepare for outages, I know things are getting serious.

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