Day: January 8, 2016

Friday, 8 January 2016

10:26 – It seems that the pushback in Germany has begun. With hordes of moslem scum making the streets unsafe for Germans, particularly women, German men have decided to do something about it. Vigilante groups are forming. One such group already has 8,000+ members on its Facebook page. Their attitude, with which I agree, is that if the authorities aren’t going to do anything to stop the muggings and rapes, they’ll just have to do something about it themselves. Meanwhile, the German government tells its citizens that they’ll just have to get used to higher crime rates, which is to say moslems mugging, raping, and killing them. The government has no right to abdicate its responsibility to protect its citizens and then tell those citizens that they aren’t allowed to protect themselves. I hope the vigilantes nail that treasonous bitch Angela Merkel as well. If she wants to commit suicide, fine. But she’s not entitled to take the rest of the country with her.

Simply put, islam is incompatible with Western Civilization. It is attempting to destroy everything that we value, so it’s only fitting that we eradicate it. Expelling all moslems from the US would be a good start, and they should be expelled regardless of their citizenship status.

11:02 – It’s been a while since my last weekly prepping post, mainly because we’ve been so busy closing on the house, getting stuff moved up here and organized, and so on. As I said last time, we’re in reasonably good shape now, so we’ll be making only incremental improvements in the coming weeks and months. Here’s what I did to prep this week:

  • We got all our long-term storage food stacked and organized in the two downstairs bedroom closets. I’d been concerned because I thought I’d somehow lost a couple dozen #10 cans of relatively high-value Augason Farms stuff, things like powdered eggs, butter powder, and cheese blend powder. I’d looked for them up here and on the last trip down to Winston, and couldn’t find them. I finally found them yesterday in the unfinished area of the basement, stacked with cases of kit components. The powdered eggs will go in the upright freezer, along with as many cans of butter and cheese powder as I have room for.
  • We’ve started cooking more from long-term storage food, trying out different recipes. This afternoon we’re making a batch of oatmeal cookies from LTS supplies. We couldn’t find our supply of molasses yesterday, so Barbara’s buying another bottle at Lowes this morning on her way back from the gym. (One tablespoon of molasses added to a cup of granulated white sugar yields a cup of brown sugar. Both white sugar and molasses have essentially unlimited shelf lives.)

So, what precisely did you do to prepare this week? Tell me about it in the comments.

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