Day: January 11, 2016

Monday, 11 January 2016

10:51 – For some reason, we’ve been having a rush on biology kits. Ordinarily, chemistry kits outsell biology kits about 3:2, but recently the ratio has become more like 1:3. I just shipped four biology kits this morning, which takes us down to just one left in stock. Fortunately, when Lori picked up the six kits we had waiting this morning, she handed me a box from Amazon that had 2,000 500 mg vitamin C tablets, which was the only thing we lacked to put together more biology kits. So we’ll be spending a lot of time over the next few days getting a new batch of biology kits built, as well as doing other kit stuff.

It remains chilly up here. Last night, it got down to 14F (-10C), with winds gusting to 35 MPH (~56 KPH). We saw a large number of Black Angus cattle near the back fence, all clustered into a tight little group. They have calves, which presumably they keep on the inside of the cluster. Lori, our USPS delivery person, also has cattle on her farm, and they’re also having babies. As she said, it must be a real shock to the poor little guys to come out of a nice warm womb into the kind of temperatures we’re having lately.

Back to work for us.

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