Wednesday, 29 October 2014

09:21 – The other night, Barbara and I started to watch season 6 of Sons of Anarchy. I’ll watch it with her, one episode per evening maximum, but I sure wouldn’t watch it if she didn’t want to. The violence is graphic and gratuitous, and the producers are apparently so proud of it that they replay the particularly gruesome scenes during the intro of each episode. I mean, how many times do we need to see a nurse being stabbed in the neck with a sharpened crucifix and gushing blood all over the place or a guy biting his own tongue off? In the first episode, Winter Ave Zoli’s character appeared after being beaten and tortured so badly that I didn’t recognize her. Yes, the show is well written and the acting is excellent. The same was true of Breaking Bad, which we finally gave up watching because of the explicit violence. I don’t consider myself to be a wimp, but neither do I consider watching gratuitous violence, even simulated, to be a way to relax in the evening. Particularly when that violence is so often directed against women.

I need to finish building some science kits day, after which I’ll spend most of the rest of the week working on the prepping book.

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  1. I like “violence” in the sense of martial arts (hi Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee!) and Dirty Harry type films, but don’t like really gratuious violence against people I’d normally sympathise with, such as women.

    One of the worst films I’ve ever seen was Caligula. I saw the R rated version, which was bad enough. A friend saw the X rated version in Switzerland and walked out part way through, he was so disgusted with the violence. IIRC Roger Ebert didn’t even rate it, it was that bad.

  2. “Particularly when that violence is so often directed against women.”

    Agreed on the endless gratuitous violence. However, in these social groups a lot of the violence is in fact directed against women; does its portrayal in a tee-vee series like this encourage it or disgust people and make the perps look bad? Other than that SOA is merely a biker soap opera. As BB was a doper soap opera. Gee, bikers and dopers have families and relationships! Who’d a thought? There was another prison series a while back, too, “Oz,” which also had a lotta violence in it, pretty much like prisons do.

    But I agree; who wants to watch this stuff night after night?

    The vast majority of the DVDs and streaming download files I’ve had or have are nonfiction, mostly history and science. Plus a lot of “classics” from before the present miserable era of movies and films. One of them is “The Wild Bunch,” which, if memory serves, stirred a bit of controversy in its time and ratings accordingly for its violence, which would be considered rather droll nowadays.

  3. I don’t consider myself to be a wimp, but neither do I consider watching gratuitous violence, even simulated, to be a way to relax in the evening.

    I rarely watch movies with bad endings for that reason. I just can’t invest two hours of my time in watching a movie just to leave the cinema (or my couch) feeling like shit. So, while it may be artistic or poignant to end a movie on a really bad note I don’t want to see those kinds of movies. Movies don’t have to have a fairy tale endings or resolve all plot lines and answer all questions, but, like I said, I shouldn’t leave the theater feeling like shit. Movies are about entertainment and escape. I have no desire to escape reality just to spend two hours immersed in some depressing or revolting story with a shitty ending that doesn’t relieve the melancholy stupor of the rest of the film.

    It’s like those movies on Lifetime featuring has-been actresses and targeted toward the female demographic. Who wants to spend 2 hours watching some asshole beat the hell out of his wife or kids? We get it, Lifetime. Men are the devil. Not exactly my idea of how to spend a couple hours relaxing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love dramas, but there’s just some subject matter I really don’t want to watch and after a movie ends I should feel entertained and should have, on some level, enjoyed the last couple hours while I was watching it.

  4. That’s one reason I keep watching Heartland over and over and over. I know exactly what’s going to happen. I even know the dialog pretty much line for line. But it’s peaceful and relaxing. And, of course, I’d watch Amber Marshall in just about anything.

  5. On the subject of gang violence, it looks like the 2016 Presidential race is shaping up nicely.

    Sarah Palin says she’s looking at another run for political office—apparently with the noble motive of annoying her critics.

    Looks like in the Indie corner we’ll have the Revenge Party’s Sarah “I’m gonna make you pay for what you said!” Palin.

    Over in the Demo corner we’ll either have Mooch “Let them eat kale! I’m busy getting a dynasty started.” Obama or we’ll have HILLARY! “STFU! How dare you question my statements?” Clinton.

    Once the Republithugs make up their minds who’s likely to occupy their corner, the referee can declare:

    “Let the mud wrestling begin!”

  6. Yup, I plan to stock up on Moxie and pretzels and sit back and watch the fun. Our own local elections are of course coming up here and I will probably slide on over and vote for the solid NRA-approved candidates unless they’re “pro-choice,” of course. Or I might just take a pass, dunno yet. Our current Dem gov and the RINO Lt. Gov. both get “A” ratings from the NRA; to not get that in this state is pretty sad. But they’re out there; usually not-from-around-here smartypants librul Dem wimmenz and metrosexual types from Megalopolis who come here and sincerely wish to replicate the librul tard shit-holes they came from. So they’ll try to pack select- and school boards and sic lawyers on us every chance they get and whine a lot in the media.

    Reminds me of a line from some Grade-B crime flick of many years ago where one of the biker types sez “This was a great country before the cities and lawyers.”

  7. Hey, just for the sheer entertainment value alone, with the proper line-up of over the hill mudwrestling contestants, I might even give up my usual conscientious objector status and actually watch the Presidential Debate Cat Fight.

  8. Heh.

    Wonder if she’s gonna complain about how squalid her current living conditions are now?


    Doctors Without Borders didn’t want her, so she conned the CDC into forcing her august presence upon them. Then, just about the time fear of foreign doctors and nurses is peaking in Liberia, she decides to come home.

    Expecting a ticker-tape parade and a hero’s welcome, she winds up getting thrown in the slammer by New Jersey. New York says, “Uh-uh, no parade here, just another cell.”

    New Jersey gives her a parade to the state line. Maine goes “Dang you, Mr. Christie! We don’t want her either!”

    Look out, MrAtoz!

    Next stop has gotta be the Vegas Strip!

    Just let her get back to work protecting Clark County from infectious disease while she tours all the local hospitals giving speeches and hits all those non-tourist shopping malls she’s been missing while overseas doing good works and, in her own words, force-feeding extra doses of Tylenol to a resisting child whose kidneys and liver have already shut down…

  9. “…but the father said he is still troubled by lingering questions about their intentions, who recruited them online, and how they were so easily able to board a plane and head overseas…”

    Yeah, no chit, Dad. This is not completely on Dad, though; the publik skool system is also to blame here. Somewhere along the line, logic fell by the wayside. Along with common sense.

    “Next week, students at Sidwell Friends can enjoy Philly Cheese Steaks; and they will have meatball submarines the following week. Veterans Day is not a holiday at Sidwell Friends, and beef nachos are on the menu. Nachos, wings, chips and cheesesteaks – lunch fare most American kids can only dream about now.”

    A huge update on the alleged statement by La Antoinette: “Let them eat nachos!”

    Cheesesteak sammies for me, muthahumpers, and celery sticks for thee!

    Gonna be kinda funny if Kaci actually gets the virus now, ain’t it…Then they’ll have to scramble to find all the poor suckers she was in contact with between Jersey and Maine, for starters. Like someone else said online yesterday; the medicos are in high dudgeon and so insulted by any suggestion that they might have to abide by quarantine guidelines themselves, but the soldiers coming back from west Afrika will be forcibly quarantined in Italy for the three weeks. The libtard media doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them, though. How typical.

    She looks like a real typical piece of red-headed trouble in the pic, too. Redheads are always a problem.

  10. “but the soldiers coming back from west Afrika will be forcibly quarantined in Italy for the three weeks.”

    That’s only because even though the fact that quarantine works to prevent the spread of disease may not be “scientific”, the school of hard knocks has taught the military over the centuries that disease kills more soldiers than the enemy.

  11. As far as Kaci Hickox goes, I have no sympathy for her.

    On July 20, 1969 three very healthy Americans entered an enforced 21 day quarantine in quarters for three that totaled only about 20% larger than her “prison tent”. It didn’t have a flush toilet, either. Or a cell phone, laptop computer or internet access.

    Yet, somehow throughout the entire period of their quarantine in cramped quarters Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Aldrin and Mr. Collins felt that they were conquering heroes rather than criminals.

    Kaci, baby, of the four of you, one of you needs an attitude adjustment.

  12. Kaci be up in moose country. Maybe she’ll take one for the team. Head on at night as she tries to run to Canada when the Gov comes for her.

  13. MrAtoz, they have moose where you are too.

    Loyal Order Of Moose at 4970 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV.

    Personally, I think Maine’s Governor Paul LePage would be more than happy at this point to charter a private jet and pass this headache on to Brian Sandoval

  14. What’s kinda funny is that the one giant bull moose I’ve seen so fah was in broad daylight during morning rush hour in South Burlington, VT and he was maybe four blocks from the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge on that highway. (Route 2, which stretches all across the northern U.S., from Maine to Washington.)

    “Maine state police were stationed outside the home of Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox’s boyfriend Wednesday…”

    Has the bf done any media statements yet? That could be kinda interesting. Wonder what he looks like…and what he has had to put up with…

    There are about 300 staties, total, for the whole big state of Maine; my next-younger brother and me took the exam up there many years ago but were never called up (this was during the era of rabid full-out Affirmative-Action-Diversity stuff). Just as well; rookies would be assigned to some dismal uber-rural outback and have the cruiser at home 7×24 and have to get rousted outta bed at O-Dark-Thirty for accidents and domestics a hundred miles away in the snow, while dodging those big ugly stilted stupids plus bears. Then after many years, maybe a promotion to traffic duty on summertime Route 1, what a thrill that would be. Pay woulda sucked, too, just like it does here in the Great Green Mountain State.

    In other nooz, looks like the MIL’s cottage in northern Noveau Brunswick is not gonna topple into the north Atlantic anytime soon after all; the Province, bless their hahts, has constructed a rock sea-wall below and shored up what had been the cliff at their back porch. They may get another couple of decades out of it now. Maybe I’ll swing up there next year and take a little vay-cay, go out on the fishing boats with the boyz and parlez Francais.

  15. “”Yesterday I mentioned the official cult of hero worship that has grown up around doctors and nurses who went to Africa to do battle against Ebola. This hero worship is so pronounced among political and media elites that they pre-emptively snarl at the benighted public for even daring to think about Ebola fighters as less than super-heroes, as though the elite had searched the insides of every proletariat skull in America and found a disturbing lack of reverence for the returning medical staff. Thus, the rest of America reasonably asks if it might not be a good idea to keep people who had direct and sustained exposure to the poor souls who died of Ebola isolated for a while, until we’re absolutely certain they’re not contagious, mindful of how the first few efforts to contain Ebola were executed very poorly by the authorities… and the response amounts to government health officials and media bigshots screaming in our faces, “How DARE you question the heroism of these noble, self-sacrificing medical professionals!””

  16. the official cult of hero worship

    Great article. Everybody is a fucking hero these days. Every child gets a medal. Everybody graduates. A PhD in Wimmins Studies is the same as a PhD in Physics.

    I like the comment, if you can spend a couple months in pustule filled Afreaka ebola countries, why can’t you spend three weeks in a nicely appointed bubble at a hospital.

  17. As a follow-up on everybody is a hero:

    Go Marine Wimmins!

    Perhaps there is less enthusiasm in covering this most recent turn of events because, unlike the three officers passing the CET, their subsequent departure from the course is part of a repeating and, as yet, unbroken pattern: By my count, 27 female officers have attempted the course, and zero have made it to graduation—with 23 not making it past the CET on the first day. (Roughly a quarter of male lieutenants also do not graduate.)

  18. How dare you question the heroic status of EVERYBODY!

    Especially WOMYN!

    It’s like Captain Picard is on some kind of endless worldwide loudspeaker loop:

    “Make it so!”

    So womyn can be Marine officers and Seals and Delta and astronauts and EVERYTHING! Don’t you dare tell MY little grrl she can’t be a Seal! (We’ll start the physical conditioning thing–say, is it really all THAT important?–after she finishes up this round of the Little Miss Whore Fashion Show contest—see all them little miss whore Halloween costumes in the stores yet?)

    The lunatics who now run the asylum have gone from the old womens’ suffragan movement through the civil rights thang through Holy Stonewall yea unto the present day and now everybody can be anybody; don’t like it you was born a boy? Shit, don’t blame ya, kid; men are pig manure nowadays. No worries; we’ll make you into a grrl, easy as 1-2-3 hey lookit me I’m a GIRL now!

    And old bastard farts like me and mine warned of slippery slopes and suchlike and were called out as fools and fascists. Soon we’ll have legalized child molestation (and the usual suspects will screech that if it was OK for Cath-lick priests, etc.), incest, and then the last? taboo…necrophilia.

    Oh Davy, YOU’RE the lunatic here! Things will NEVER get that far!

  19. A very interesting, if kinda long article here…

    “…aspects of Obama’s personal background are genuinely exotic to almost all Americans, which limits the quality of questions. For example, Obama’s Indonesian connections – as a child he lived in Jakarta from 1967-1971, shortly after the notorious massacre of Communists and Chinese; then in the 1980s Obama came fairly close to marrying a wealthy Australian woman with striking family ties to the highest circles of power in Indonesia—are perplexing to even the best-informed Americans.”

    The comments afterward are a total screech.

  20. “Canada’s focus seemed to be on placating Muslims and making sure they were not inconvenienced by the attack. The only time we heard about Canadians was to discuss how we may have provoked the attacks. One Canadian activist said, “Soldiers are legitimate targets #SomethingAboutRoostingChickens,” and we discussed it on Ezra’s show. I started to think the lunatics were right. Maybe this is all our fault. Not because of our foreign policy, but because of our suicidal masochism.”

    No worries, Gavin, we have that disease here, too.

  21. And down in Mr. Lynn’s area, in the great Lone Star State:

    “Until convinced otherwise, I will continue to believe that “rights” can only be taken and never given. I will also continue to suspect that the struggle over these illusory and unquantifiable “rights” has nothing to do with freedom and is instead a battle over power. I should be used to it by now, but it continues to depress me when I observe the formerly “oppressed” morphing into despots the moment they get their claws on the whip handle.”

  22. “Oh Davy, YOU’RE the lunatic here! Things will NEVER get that far!”

    Calm down, OFD.

    Lowering the standards to allow broads… er…ladies…uh…strapping examples of fine young female pulchritude to pass the training to become infantry officers is a self-correcting situation.

    There was a fine old tradition that took care of the relaxed standards for prissy little Second Lieutenants in Nam.

    I’m sure they’ll come up with some new, politically correct innocuous name for it, but until then the old name of fragging will do.

  23. cult of hero worship that has grown up around doctors and nurses who went to Africa to do battle against Ebola


    Everybody is a fucking hero these days. Every child gets a medal.

    I’ve got it! Every medical professional who returns from Ebolaland gets a participation ribbon and a juice box. Everyone’s happy!

  24. “I’ve got it! Every medical professional who returns from Ebolaland gets a participation ribbon and a juice box. Everyone’s happy!”

    Not everyone…

    Kaci still wants a gold medal, not no steenkin’ ribbon just like everyone else’s.

  25. “… until then the old name of fragging will do.”

    Ha. I stopped two “brothers” from fragging one of them prissy “you guys go take out that machine gun bunker” jeep lootenants one time. Given the choice again now I doubt I would do so. Also once stopped a couple of yahoos from bashing an old woman who was shouting at them as we passed one of them stinking-to-high-heaven-of-roasting-garlic villes. That was the extent of my own “heroics,” LOL. The rest was just a job.

    “…Kaci still wants a gold medal…”

    Placed around her neck by her no-doubt own personal hero, Obutt-wad Himself. With a lifetime sinecure as yet another worthless woman Surgeon General where she can dress up like a Paraguayan admiral or sumthin.

    Wow, this is pretty cool; The SteveTeam (pat. pending) kicking ass and taking names!

  26. And old bastard farts like me and mine warned of slippery slopes and suchlike and were called out as fools and fascists. Soon we’ll have legalized child molestation (and the usual suspects will screech that if it was OK for Cath-lick priests, etc.), incest, and then the last? taboo…necrophilia.

    First up, incest marriages!

  27. Well, genetically it’s no different from first cousins marrying, which is still allowed in half the states and is no more likely to cause birth defects than a woman over 40 getting pregnant versus one in her early 20’s.

    As genetic engineering continues to develop, we’ll soon get to a point when sperm and egg are both determined to be clean before they’re allowed to join. At that point, there is no objection to incest, which after all is merely a cultural taboo that arises from the instinctive understanding that close relatives who breed are more likely to have defective children.

    In fact, genetically there’s a lot to be said for such combinations. That’s why animal breeders routinely breed close relatives. Of course, they also know that there will be a certain number of defective offspring, which are culled. But as this close breeding continues through generations, the bad genes are bred/culled out.

  28. ““There are plenty of other societies that allow so-called intermarriage without worrying about genetic defects. And frankly we have a long history of cousins marrying each other, take FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt,” he said.””

    OFD picks himself up off the floor from having split a gut laughing. Not the example he would have chosen, were he on that side of things.

    Yeah incest is best, so they say, the perverts, I mean.

    Can necrophilia be fah behind now?

    And leave it to the Vampire State to be the pioneers; it would have to be them or Kalifornia, I reckon.

    I mean, what’s the harm in necrophilia, after all; surely there is some probable scientific rationale that can be cobbled together for it. Who does it harm, really? At least one partner consents, amirite? Should there be a statute of limitations on how long relations should be consummated? These and many other puzzling questions will be ripe fodder for the legions of our heroic attorneys and jurists, no doubt…

  29. The only bad thing about necrophilia is that your date can’t give affirmative consent every step of the way. Remember, these days an absense of “no” isn’t enough. You have to have “yes” every thirty seconds.

  30. But hey!

    Necrophilia is a good thing! Where else would you get replacement zombies as the old ones rot away during the zombie apocalypse?

  31. No, no, SteveB. Zombies give rise to new zombies, they don’t give birth to them.

  32. No, no, SteveB. Zombies give rise to new zombies, they don’t give birth to them.

    Oh. Sorry. They’re kinda like bread dough, then. Can we punch them down?

  33. Er, punch down zombies or punch down Precious Princess Kaci supporters? Er, is there any difference?

    (Of course there is. Week-dead zombies don’t smell as bad as the typical dough-headed sheep who flocks to support the chic cause de jour.)

  34. Can’t watch the Toob vid due to we’re still on slow-ass stinking wireless here. Fairpoint guy yesterday told me to call again “in a couple of days” if it still ain’t up. He even went to his supervisor, supposedly, and also entered in all my bitching to their system, allegedly. Three weeks now, and counting. This is what comes of trying to “upgrade” and speed up our net here, I guess, there’s a lesson there somewhere, again…

    “…these days an absence of “no” isn’t enough. You have to have “yes” every thirty seconds.”

    No kidding. And even that is questionable once the shysters and judges get hold of it in a “court of law.” Remember, guys, this is what comes of the dreaded “male gaze,” that horror of fembat horrors. Which means in real life they can dress like Times Square hookers and let it all hang out but if you look at them…you’re a sexist pig and probably guilty of all the unsolved evil violence against womyn ever committed.

    Oh, and incidentally, the “corollary” of that is the thought-crime of “lookism” whereby us evil male entities favor our looking at what we consider attractive females, thereby passing up the golden opportunity to turn our lustful gaze upon such examples of ripe pulchritude as HILLARY! or Madeline Albright or the whales that haunt the Wall-Mutt aisles.

    I plead guilty across the board.

  35. On July 20, 1969 three very healthy Americans entered an enforced 21 day quarantine in quarters for three that totaled only about 20% larger than her “prison tent”. It didn’t have a flush toilet, either.

    They were flown back to Houston and were isolated in more comfortable quarters at the (then) Manned Spacecraft Center after a few days.

  36. So womyn can be Marine officers and Seals and Delta and astronauts and EVERYTHING!

    There is no real reason women can’t be astronauts. There is no requirement for the higher upper body strength men have. In fact, women have the advantage of being less massive and using less life support. I’ve worked with a number of astronauts, male and female. All were highly qualified.

  37. Yeah, I knew as soon as I typed it that we’d already had womyn astronauts, as had the Soviets, and nary a problem, I guess. But I just threw it in there anyway, being the misogynist prick that I am.

    Personally, the mil-spec occupations of Seal, submariner and jet jockey were basically closed to me, yet I did not throw a hissy fit and whine to the media, which in those days would have guaranteed me being laughed off the face of the earth. Now peeps have learned to squeal like little piggies when they don’t get their way across sundry activities, and there is apparently always someone in power to grant them their wishes.

    In my days as a street cop, we had the first few womyn officers, and with only one or two exceptions, they were a problem, and a serious one, on several levels. Firstly being their unsuitability for wrestling with bellicose drunks and dusted bikers in the gutters; secondly for the inevitable various romantic attachments that developed on The Job. The exceptions were those fembat beasts bigger than average size, bigger than a lot of their brother cops, too, who could pitch a dusted biker through a plate-glass barroom window without breaking a sweat. Usually diesel bull-dykes back then, dunno how it is now. Even so, they were a pain in the ass to have as partners, esp. if one of *their* romantic entanglements reared its very ugly head.

    In other less exciting nooz, our momma cat returned home this evening after an absence of about a month or so; ravenous but looking none the worse for wear. She clearly hadn’t missed too many meals wherever she was. Weather getting colder at night so there’s one reason. Now we have two black cats again in time for All Hallows Eve and our one big male gray-and-white harlequin bugger who knows full well on which side his catfood dish is set. And has his own couch in front of the stove. Why should HE take off in the night?

  38. My last cat loved when I brought him to my girlfriend’s (now wife’s) house. My house was on a busy street in a city and dogs were not kept leashed as thoroughly as the law demanded. I never let him out of the house. My girlfriend’s house, though, had a wooded area behind and no particularly busy streets nearby. We’d go over Friday evening and I’d let him out. We’d see him again Sunday sometime, often kind of battered, always ravenous and tired. He’d wolf down whatever we gave him and then pass out like a corpse right by the food dish.

    Had to find him another keeper when I got married, as it turned out my girlfriend was allergic to cats. Even now I tell her that I probably made the wrong choice. Maybe I’m joking…

  39. …and maybe you’re not.

    …and maybe she doesn’t think you’re awesome anymore…

    …just sayin…

    No one here thinks I’m awesome. I cry myself to sleep at night thinking about that.

    Or maybe not.

    Mrs. OFD is off to Phoenix, AZ this weekend. A week at home and then a week in Pittsburgh. And still hasn’t been paid for her last gig. “Oh, I sent your invoices down to accounting last Friday.” Gee, thanks; wife sent the invoices to you a WEEK BEFORE THAT you lazy sodding bitch. And you sat on them for a week. Then accounting sits on them for another week. Then when they say they put them in the mail they actually mean they put them in the OUT box on their office desk where they sit over another weekend or even week. No excuse for this shit. By the time she gets them it’s too late to pay for her hotel and meals in advance, so that has to come out of our emergency account. As the late, great Ezra Pound used to say…’it would take a bile specialist…’

    Mama cat is sleeping with Mrs. OFD; her daughter cat is with me; El Tanko the male is down on the couch, recumbent, Prince of All He Surveys, by the woodstove…

  40. As long as your cats behave and don’t need therapy, that’s cool.

    Crazed Pet Cat Holds Family Hostage and Forces Them To Call 911 For Rescue

    Other stories covering this incident state the family is now sending the cat to therapy sessions.

    My solution would have been to load the shotgun and then go get my shovel. I’m always the alpha cat and alpha dog in my house. Would’a put the stupid wuss family dog up for adoption, too.

    All of the cats (at one time 5 with 2 visiting strays) and dogs (never less than 2–mostly shepherds, either German or Australian) in my household always knew that my wife was the general and I was her sergeant major and we all got along just fine.


    The great Lou Reed has something to say about this:

    I don’t care if the ladies need to use the men’s restroom while I am in there. I have had this occur several times in fact, especially in Europe. However, I have a serious problem with men in the lady’s restroom while my mother, wife or daughter is in there. But, looks like Houston wants predators to roam free in the women’s sanctuaries.

  42. They’re long gone.

    The last three were two Australian shepherds weighing in at about 70 pounds each and a blue heeler. After my wife died, I moved to an apartment and couldn’t keep those three plus 3 cats.

    As far as where they lived, I had about an acre of my sixteen fenced with horse fencing and the two big ones lived there where the shed for my wood shop and tractor were. The heeler was on a 200 foot overhead cable run (and he did run) outside their area, since he tried to pick fights with the big ones all the time.

    Saw that article you pointed to yesterday, but I didn’t want to embarrass you further about your home state, so I kept my fingers shut.

    My humble solution to unisex bathrooms: go into the women’s room, rip out all the extra mirrors, the counter tops for purses and makeup bags and rip out the extra stalls and replace them with a number of urinals equal to number in the men’s room. I’d also spring load all the seats so they rise up without someone’s butt holding them down. (You know those wimmen–always leaving the seat down.)

    The problem I found in all the years I was managing restaurants was that in general women tend to make much nastier messes and then just walk off and leave them for someone else (an employee) to clean up.

  43. If a guy is making a nuisance of himself in the Powder Room do the same thing you’d do anywhere else: call the cops.

    If we had unisex loos what would a guy see? I mean they’d still have cubicles for the fembots. (Yes, I know that they can learn to pee standing up…)

  44. Saw that article you pointed to yesterday, but I didn’t want to embarrass you further about your home state, so I kept my fingers shut.

    Nah, you cannot embarrass me about The Great State of Texas. In fact, there used to be a saying, never ask a man where he is from as he might have to embarrass himself by saying that he is not from Texas.

    People think that Texas is a bunch of cowboys and rednecks. The truth is that Texas is such a big state that we have all types of people. Houston is reputedly the most diverse city in the USA nowadays. And Austin (“Keep Austin Weird” is the official city slogan) is just out there. I highly suspect that the inner ring of Houston, which has a population of around two million, is at least 10% LGBT.

    That article was a little over the top BTW. I am proud of the mayor of Houston and her partner for adopting mixed race kids and raising them. Not everyone is willing to do that, even in this enlightened age.

  45. “I am proud of the mayor of Houston and her partner for adopting mixed race kids and raising them. Not everyone is willing to do that, even in this enlightened age.

    Yes, that is all fine and dandy, however in my experience over the decades, the type of people who do this sort of thing, like that mayor, tend to bloviate about it all over the place and make a huge deal out of it. They’re not doing it entirely out of the goodness, compassion and holiness of their hearts, but to generate media attention and “Hey, look at us! We’re so cutting-edge and cool and compassionate!” The NT has something to say about that, as you no doubt know.

    The late Russell Kirk, probably the Father of modern conservatism, and what we would probably call a paleoconservative, like me, routinely took in multitudes of kids from all over the world to his house in Michigan, many from Afrika, and raised them like his own and most folks never heard about any of that until after he was long gone. But libturds like to make a big huge fuss over themselves and how great they are, and that mayor and her shenanigans in the media all the time is a prime example.

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