Tuesday, 28 October 2014

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08:52 – Mornings have been getting chillier around here, with overnight lows often in the 40’s (5 to 10 C). The weekly forecast in the morning paper says our low Saturday will be 31F (-0.5C), our first freeze of the season.

Kit sales have slowed way down, as expected this time of year, and will probably remain slow through late November. Then they’ll pick up in December and into January as people buy kits for Christmas and the start of the new semester. As usual, we’re trying to maintain a month’s worth of all kits in stock, which this time of year is a total of only a few dozen.

I just ordered a fresh supply of antibiotics for biology kits yesterday from a veterinary/pet supplies vendor. As I was checking out, a message popped up asking me to provide my email address (which they already had) in return for a 10% discount on my first order. So I entered my email address and answered the question about what I was interested in (dogs, sheep, cattle, horses, fish, and chickens, which is what the antibiotics I ordered were intended for). During checkout, I kept expecting them to give me a coupon code or just enter the 10% discount, but when I clicked what turned out to be the last “Continue” icon, I got a screen thanking me for my order. Hmmm. So I called the 800 number and told the lady what had happened. She applied the code on her end.

As we were talking, I noticed on of those “you might also like” items for ivermectin, an antihelminthic. Colin gets ivermectin in the form of HeartGuard to prevent heartworm. The stuff is prescription only and isn’t cheap, so I asked the lady if they did the same thing as our current vendor, faxing in a form to our vet to get the prescription. She said they didn’t sell anything that required a prescription. I mentioned the ivermectin, and she said, “Oh, that’s for horses. No prescription necessary.”

Colin gets one HeartGuard pill the first of each month. Each pill contains only micrograms of ivermectin and costs $6 or $8. So I checked the ivermectin offerings at this new vendor. They had one item for $1.99, a syringe tube of oral ivermectin sufficient to treat up to 1,250 pounds of horse. Hmmm. Assuming the canine and equine doses are similar by body weight, that’s about 18 doses for Colin, or roughly $0.11 per dose rather the $6 to $8 per dose. I mentioned this to Barbara last night and she said NFW, we’ll continue buying the $6 or $8 per pill stuff for Colin.

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  1. Miles_Teg says:

    Does Colin co-operate with taking pills or do you have to be cunning?

  2. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Barbara wraps them in lunchmeat, so Colin seldom balks. In fact, if one happens to drop out of the roll of lunchmeat he’ll often pick it up off the floor and eat it. Different dogs vary, and even the same dog varies at different ages. Malcolm, for example, as a young and medium-age dog would swallow any pill you handed to him without requiring any meat or other good stuff. As he got older, he started refusing to take pills unless they were wrapped in meat, and he’d often eat the meat and spit out the pills.

  3. SteveB says:

    Sigh, just one world crisis after the other.

    And of course, yesterday’s major international crisis was Wal-Mart’s accidental truth in advertising faux pas on their web site.

    “‘Stay classy Walmart,’ wrote Autumn Mochi”

    Right, Autumn! I always visit the People of WalMart whenever I need a dose of class.

    Looks like this svelte lady is shopping in the petite section…

    Warning! Once you see this, it cannot be unseen!

  4. OFD says:

    I won’t go to that link. Seen ’em once online and that was enuff. If we want another RL dose, we have our Wall-Mutt Superstore a few miles up the road, just off the interstate, so we get the added attraction of les Quebecois coming down to shop. This will increase greatly now that the Route 35 Bypass is half done between VT and Montreal. I know the libertarians love Wall-Mutt and Amazon but we avoid the former as much as we can and I’ve cut down tremendously on ordering stuff from the latter. We may make a trip down to the Costco at some point soon and also I may slide down to that LDS store in lovely Woostuh, MA, Haht of the Commonwealth.

    Had some sun here yesterday but that’s gone now; overcast again and looks like rain. Again. A lot of the leaves have been knocked down by wind and rain and there is regular snow up in the higher elevations.

  5. DadCooks says:

    You probably know that Costco sells prescription meds for pets. What I find interesting is that since most pets do not have prescription insurance, Costco has a list of drug discounts for the uninsured, many good deals on brand name drugs.

    I can understand your wanting to save money on ivermectin. But I am on Barbara’s side here. My pets are going to get drugs from assured sources not something that most likely came from China over questionable content and purity.

  6. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    I wasn’t serious. Paying $100/year or whatever for Colin’s heartworm pills isn’t a big deal for us.

  7. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Yeah, I’d strongly recommend a visit to the closest LDS Home Storage Center for anyone who wants to grab a one-year supply of food inexpensively. Incidentally, LDS no longer runs home canning centers other than a few in Utah, I suspect because of diverse state health law requirements. Now the HSCs sell only pre-canned stuff in #10 cans or foil-laminate bags, along with a half dozen bulk items (beans, dried onions, etc.).

    We bought 27 cases (162 cans/bags) on our first run over to the Greensboro LDS HSC in late June, totaling something like 650 pounds of food. The total came in at something like $1.04/pound average, and that included a lot of dried milk, which is expensive per pound.

    I don’t endorse the LDS recommendations for long-term food inventory as one’s sole food prep, because eating only grains and beans can get pretty old real fast. But it is an excellent foundation, to which you can add extenders like canned goods, bouillon, etc.

  8. OFD says:

    Agreed. We aim to build up the basics but am mainly stocking up on canned and otherwise that we regularly eat here. We’re also doing what we can in the way of gardening in our yahd but we have limited sunshine available. We also have means of cooking via two woodstoves and two charcoal grills; just gotta have a ready supply of firewood and charcoal.

    And my personal five-year plan includes the FFL and ham radio licenses, along with some gunsmith training and experience.

  9. SteveB says:

    The Hildebeest is re-writing history again:

    “Let me be absolutely clear about what I’ve been saying for a couple of decades: Our economy grows when businesses and entrepreneurs create good-paying jobs here in an America…

    A couple of decades? How my time flies. It seems like it was just last Friday when she said:

    “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

    Classic bipolar: you are always correct when you take both sides of the argument. Take your lithium, Hillary.

  10. OFD says:

    That fugly troll pig yammers lies and commie b.s. from her gaping maw constantly and has done so since she was spawned by one of Satan’s minor demons long ago. Unfortunately her and Larry Klinton are in our age bracket, more or less, and we’ll be hearing their ungodly chatter and grunts until we all croak, unless somebody does us a huge favor or sumthin.

    Now watch the Bush tribe futilely and stupidly run Jeb against her.

    I will, of course, run right out and vote for Libertarians and Tea Party cretins who will undoubtedly save us all. Eventually.

    Oh wait–can’t do that, either; the Fox Nooz Network fanboyz tell me it will split the Holy Repub Vote and the Bad Guy will get in. And I will be totally to blame.

    What a joke. We’re in for more years of this corporate fascist oligarchy until it finally collapses of its own sheer morbid obesity and corruption.

  11. SteveB says:

    I think all 50 states need to follow Nevada’s lead and make sure there is a better way to split the vote that sends a message to the candidates.

    The “none” option has been on the ballot in Nevada since 1976. It was enacted by the Legislature the previous year as a way to combat voter apathy in the wake of the Watergate scandal that brought down President Richard Nixon. The intent was to give voters a way to voice their displeasure with candidates and elected officials at the ballot box.

    I think None of the Above would make a more effective President than any of the current crop of narcissists if he were elected in 2016.

  12. SteveB says:

    Watched Obola’s speech this afternoon.

    Really weird body language there.

    The camera was centered on the podium. The podium was squarely facing the camera.

    The president’s body was square with the podium and directly facing the camera. The President kept his body square with the camera, but kept looking off to the left (his right) when he was speaking, rather than looking directly at the camera.

    Now, I can understand a camera angle off to the side but this angle was dead-on center, and the President’s body never moved to face whatever audience he may have been talking to, the way a normal person would have done–only his face turned and remained turned virtually the entire time.

    Body language fairly screamed “LIES! ALL LIES!” to me.

  13. SteveF says:

    Most likely the main teleprompter died and he had to look at the backup, over to the side. You don’t expect that retard to speak coherently without a teleprompter, do you?

  14. OFD says:

    It was either the backup teleprompter or one of the ruling junta’s minions keeping a close eye on their creature.

    I fantasize nearly daily now about running firing squads and guillotines in and around Mordor and Wall Street.

    Should I be concerned about these fantasies???

  15. SteveB says:

    You don’t expect that retard to speak coherently without a teleprompter, do you?

    I don’t expect him to tell the truth, either…

  16. MrAtoz says:

    Should I be concerned about these fantasies???

    Is HILLARY! in them and are they of a "sexual" nature?

  17. Lynn McGuire says:

    I hope the guys on the ISS have a food and diaper stash!

  18. SteveB says:

    I hope the guys on the ISS have a food and diaper stash!

    If our idiot Congresscritters let their knees jerk without engaging their brains and declare another launch moratorium and shut down Canaveral just because an unmanned rocket not even built by NASA blew up at a secondary launch site hundreds of miles away those boys may have bigger problems–like learning how to breath vacuum for a few years.

  19. MrAtoz says:

    A new book/film idea: cannibalism on the ISS. After months of delays, a rescue mission from Russia docked with the ISS. Only, there were no Russians left.

    Get crackin’ Mr. SteveF!

  20. OFD says:

    “Is HILLARY! in them and are they of a “sexual” nature?”

    This is a grievous error, MrAtoz. We simply cannot use those two images in the same sentence. Does not compute. It has even been reputably speculated that the lovely, brilliant and fabulously wealthy Chelsea is not Larry’s kid.

  21. SteveF says:

    I’ve heard that, too, but it leaves open the question of just how much beer you need to get Mr Ed drunk enough to father sire offspring with Hillary Bitch Clinton.

  22. SteveB says:

    No, no, SteveF.

    The question is how much beer you need to get one of your stilty stupids in rut to mate with HILLARY!

  23. Chuck W says:

    Whoa, I missed this. Remember a song by Memphis group The Hombres called “Let It All Hang Out”?


    Lead singer of the group, B.B. Cunningham (whose younger brother played bass and keyboards for The Box Tops) was killed in his job as a security guard back in 2012.


    Ah, the music business. It’ll get you one way or another eventually.

  24. DadCooks says:

    I have a unique perspective on the Hildabeast, I went to high school with her, I was a freshman and she was a senior and even then a prima donna. Her dad was a domineering man that tried to keep his wife and Hildabeast on a short leash. He was a mover and shaker in the local Republican Party. He didn’t have a clue that his wife was a closet feminist and the Hildabeast was an active Young Democrat.

    Every time I hear that voice and cackle it is like fingernails on a chalk board.

  25. OFD says:

    “…I went to high school with her, I was a freshman and she was a senior and even then a prima donna.”

    Oh my.

    Do give us the full bumf.

    How many dates didja go on with her? Didja get to second base? Third base?

    “…the Hildabeast was an active Young Democrat.”

    Warn’t she also one of them Goldwater Girls or sumthin? Miles-Teg-Greg down in Oz was kinda sweet on her a while back.

    Are there any decent-lookin’ Dem/librul honeys out there? Has anyone see any?

  26. Chuck W says:

    Oh, wow. I got my radio and television university training alongside one of her best friends from — Park Ridge, was it? or Forest Park. I never could get those 2 straight.

  27. Chuck W says:

    BTW, that opening line in “Let It All Hang Out” was not original. It comes from a Red Ingle song released in 1947


    Female voice near the end is Jo Stafford, who performed frequently with Ingle as Cinderella G. Stump.

    And for B.B.’s younger brother:


    One of the guys on guitar is B.B.’s brother Bill, but neither is playing a 4 string, so by looks, I’m guessing it is the guy on the left. This is a terrible piece of television, apparently shot in Wisconsin, but never fails to break me up. Alex Chilton is trying to be more sober-looking than Jim Morrison, but breaks up on camera. Chilton is 16 in this clip. Organ player John Evans is the real clown.

    Memphis was a pretty musical place once upon a time.

  28. SteveF says:

    DadCooks wouldn’t have gotten the time of day unless he was a vulnerable-looking, skinny girl when he was younger.

  29. DadCooks says:

    @OFD – you are right, her dad made sure she was a “Goldwater Girl”, so you might say she was a closet Democrat at that time. The gossip was that she was “closet” in other ways too.

    She only dated seniors and then only for appearance sake. I never heard any talk that anyone even got out of the batter’s box with her.

  30. OFD says:

    ” I never heard any talk that anyone even got out of the batter’s box with her.”

    Including the future President, I’m guessing. Maybe a hand-gallop, but that’s about it. The daughter was/is most likely artificial insemination from one of their former close associates/friends, I forget his name. It’s sorta like when ya see the Farrow kid you know damn well Woody wasn’t his dad and you know damn well who was.

  31. Miles_Teg says:

    Speaking of Hillary, here’s some pics I know y’all just want to see… 🙂

    Hillary Clinton just after SteveF pinches her bum:


    Seriously dad, OFD’s thing is *this* big… 🙂


    Those glasses are horrible, even by Sixties standards. And her eyebrows are thicker and bushier than mine… 🙁


    What the hell was Bill thinking about?


  32. SteveB says:

    “Uh, Coach! My arm’s pretty sore today! I don’t think I can leave the dugout, much less get in the batter’s box…”

  33. medium wave says:

    Pictures speak volumes.

    According to the guy on the left, the fellow on the right is “chickensh*t”.

  34. SteveB says:

    Looks like Detroit is attempting to recoup some of its outstanding bankruptcy debt.


    Wonder if next they’ll re-open all those closed cases from the early 1990s including the one they had against my wife for fathering a child in Michigan.

    Funny thing was, my wife had never been to Michigan in her life and the only evidence they had against my wife that allowed them to try her in absentia was the social security number the child’s mother had given the DHR people as belonging to the father. The twit couldn’t remember the guy’s name, but she had memorized his social security number.

    Of course, only after they had already convicted my wife of fathering a child was the state of Michigan moved to send her a letter in Alabama, informing her of the accusation and results of the court proceedings and ordering her to pay up NOW.

    The fact they had never made any attempt to inform her in advance of the kangaroo court case counted for nothing–they had to have a conviction to get the IRS to give them a current address for that social security number. Besides, it makes it easier to convict if the defendant is not present in these paternity cases, you see.

    They were pretty surly about accepting the defense that my wife could not possibly have fathered a child, being well, you know, female and all.

    It took a federal judge to order them to set aside the payment decree.

    I really don’t think the State of Michigan expected us to resist or to know which of their demands were pure BS like having to travel to Detroit to appeal the decision in person. They didn’t know 3 local family court judges and the local prosecutor were my wife’s friends and were gleefully coaching her through the process of dealing with “them idiot Yankees”.

    Ah, well. They’ll probably win a case like that if they go after her again (paternity suits are one of those gray areas where double jeopardy mostly does, but does not always apply). The folks running Maple Hill Cemetery have some pretty strict rules about allowing their residents to leave the state to appear in court, even though they are pretty liberal about letting them out to vote.

  35. SteveB says:

    Ah! At last! Something to relieve the tedium of my insomnia!

    A high-tech alternative to watching your toenails grow on those long winter nights!

    Bet they’ll even have an instant slow-mo replay with light pens for highlighting during the play-by-play so you don’t miss a thing…


  36. brad says:

    @SteveB: If you wife had been a guy, likely she would have had a much harder fight. The goal is to suck in money. This goal has nothing whatsoever to do with actual justice. Just like asset forfeiture.

  37. OFD says:

    “What the hell was Bill thinking about?”

    He was/is no prize, either. Might be kinda clever but according to several fem reports, he ain’t got it where it counts. Tx for the laff, Mr. Greg.

    “According to the guy on the left, the fellow on the right is “chickensh*t”.”

    They’re both a couple of war criminal assholes. But so fah, the POS on the left has refrained from caving in to the POS on the right as regards even more involvement of our military in the Sandbox (bad enough already) and attacking Iran.

    “Looks like Detroit is attempting to recoup some of its outstanding bankruptcy debt.”

    Yet another illustration of how the State will go after small fry for peanuts with hammer and tongs and fire and sword but lets the big boyz skate.

    “The goal is to suck in money. This goal has nothing whatsoever to do with actual justice. Just like asset forfeiture.”

    There it is. For our personal example, we have both the Feds and the state here nailing us relentlessly over years for a few thousand, simply because we didn’t file in previous years and have already forfeited several years of refunds we should have gotten. But the big boyz down in Mordor skate. Multiply us by a few million and you have a bitter and kinda angry group of people, a lot of them armed. We’ve seen this movie before…

  38. DadCooks says:

    @Chuck W – it was Park Ridge.

  39. MrAtoz says:

    But the big boyz down in Mordor skate.

    Charlie Rangel et al.



    and on and on…

  40. OFD says:

    Also the whitebread boyz, like Geithner & Co. Mega lapses on their taxes but hey, no problemo, senor! Pay when you want! Take your time!

    With us it’s been threats of prison, seizure of assets and actual freezing/seizure of our piddly bank accounts. Dangerous felons that we are, we didn’t file our paperwork for several years; this brought the wrath of Leviathan down upon our heads. And we’ve been screwed repeatedly by mistakes on their part, loss of refunds, and in the latter case, they claimed, if you can believe this for chutpah, a “statute of limitations.” For our alleged debts, however, there is no such thing.

  41. Jim B says:

    Tax refunds are for those who trust the government, and are willing to give it an interest free loan. Adjust withholding to avoid refunds. All that is required is to pay 80% of tax over the course of the year. Yes, you have to be able to estimate taxable income, but for most that is not hard. Even if less than 80% is paid, the penalty plus interest is very low. Disclaimer: I am a little out of date, having paid the penalty and interest a few years ago. 2014 will be different. Look it up for yourself, or get competent advice.

  42. OFD says:

    “Look it up for yourself, or get competent advice.”

    Like from a mad-dog shark tax lawyer, which is next for us. We’re not making any headway on our Fed liability, as defined by them. We make monthly payments and the principal just gets higher each time anyway.

    Also, it’s harder for us to estimate because Mrs. OFD’s income can vary drastically from year to year depending on how many gigs she gets around the country and when her employers deign to pay her, plus complications of paying for her expenses in advance and getting her employers to deign to reimburse her for them, often months later. Then there’s me; two years at one job; six weeks at another; months of unemployment, etc., etc. Otherwise, yeah, I’d just as soon not pay the bastards an interest-free loan every year. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. For most years it appears that we’ve paid and paid and still they come after us for more, more, more.

  43. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Maybe you should just send them all your money and ask them to send back any they don’t need.

  44. Jim B says:

    There are certain peeps (OFD) who are exceptions. For them, RBT’s suggestion will work fine. Also, those rich peeps who want everyone’s taxes raised should just send extra instead.

    Face it, the pols will never reduce taxes unless the public at large somehow persuades them, and with only about half of us actually paying income taxes, this will likely never happen. We are destroying our middle class. When it disappears, I would like to be moved to the rich end, but I doubt I will have any say in the matter. The poor end may not be so bad: some of those folks seem to live better than I do.

  45. OFD says:

    We *could* send them all our money, sell our house and vehicles and other possessions and give that to them, too, but I highly suspect they’ll still want more, and force us to work at some kind of uber-menial serf labor so we can keep paying for:

    “The poor end may not be so bad: some of those folks seem to live better than I do.”

    War was declared on the middle and working classes decades ago; it was declared on the Murkan family when it was decreed that both spouses have to work and the children should be in the care of the State.

    Borrowing a page yet again from the SteveF Playbook, how is this appreciably different from the socialist and communist regimes in the Soviet Union, the Eastern Bloc countries, Red Chiner, Cuber, and Vietnam?

  46. Lynn McGuire says:

    They’re both a couple of war criminal XXXholes. But so fah, the XXX on the left has refrained from caving in to the XXX on the right as regards even more involvement of our military in the Sandbox (bad enough already) and attacking Iran.

    Dude, if a person threatens to bomb XXXX nuke you and yours, and has the ability to do so, are you going to stand idly around while they do it? The man is not a war criminal because he is defending his country and his way of life. These are not imaginary people that want to kill him and his.

    Now his involving us is a problem. He needs to solve his own issues himself. And we need not to be a part of the problem which is happening now.

  47. Chuck W says:

    Borrowing a page yet again from the SteveF Playbook, how is this appreciably different from the socialist and communist regimes in the Soviet Union, the Eastern Bloc countries, Red Chiner, Cuber, and Vietnam?

    Would you believe — Switzerland?


  48. OFD says:

    Very nice.

    Notice the common denominator here, though; they can’t find anyone who was specifically responsible for this horror. Just like here. No one is in charge, no one gave the orders, etc. Like some other historical country situations.

    The State. That’s the problem right there. I read stuff like this or have my talk with the VA person today and I start leaning more heavily toward Dr. Bob’s anarchist position.

    Tomorrow I’ll probably be back to paleoconservative extremely limited gummint, but like Bob sez, in effect, give ’em an inch and they take a mile.

  49. brad says:

    Yeah, the stuff about the “Verdingkinder” is pretty shocking. The theoretical idea was: if you have parents who are incapable of taking care of their children, then the children are better off in a foster home. Practically speaking, most of the foster homes were in the game, not out of the goodness of their hearts, but out of self-interest. In this case, farmers who needed free labor. The shocking bit is the scale of the operations, and the fact that the practice continued into the 1960s and even the 1970s.

    Of course, similar things happen everywhere. I think I’ve mentioned the female colleague I one had – she had been taken from her parents, because her father sexually abused her. She was placed with a foster family that specialized in girls. It turned out, of course, that this was because the foster father liked diddling them. She basically grew up assuming that this was what grown men did with little girls.

    I’ve heard other tales of foster families that are basically in it for the money – the kids get as little spent on them as possible, and certainly love and caring don’t enter into the relationship – they are just “cash cows”.

    I’m sure there are good foster families out there – heck, probably even the majority. But it’s the bad ones that make the news, and that’s certainly also the case here in Switzerland…

  50. Miles_Teg says:

    I knew a family who fostered a lot of kids. Never worked out what their angle was. The ‘mother’ told me casually, in front of others, that one of them had had a vasectomy because he was mentally retarded, which wasn’t her place to say. I heard that another was in her care because her father had sexually abused her. There were others too, I’m not sure if this woman (I don’t recall having ever met her husband) was a good person to be caring for kids – she seemed kinda nuts to me.

    A lot of kids, especially aboriginal kids, were taken in to custody until around 1980 to get them out of the tribal situation. Many were abused and are now suing.

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