Day: October 4, 2014

Saturday, 4 October 2014

12:10 – The usual Saturday stuff. I’m doing laundry. Barbara is downstairs finishing up a batch of 32 small parts bags for biology kits. We also need to clean out my office today, This Time For Sure.

Our contractor, Austin McKnight, called yesterday to give us a quote on replacing the front windows in our house. I told him to go for it. Austin is the nephew of our friend Bonnie Richardson. He’s honest and competent. We don’t even bother to get second quotes any more. Austin tells us how much it’ll cost, and we tell him to go ahead.

Before Austin can replace the window in my office, we need to move the worktable that’s in front of that window, and everything that’s under that table. That includes half a dozen mini- and mid-tower PCs and one PVR/DVR system that looks like something that belongs in an audio rack. Most of them probably still work, but they have older generation components like Core2 Duo processors and so on. Barbara checked them to make sure we’d pulled the hard drives and will haul them over to Good Will this afternoon.

I’m thinking about ordering an air rifle, something like this. I last shot an air rifle in about 1979, when Gamo was a decent Spanish-made budget model. From the reviews, I suspect this one will be just fine for what what I want, which is an inexpensive practice/plinking rifle that could even be used in the house. Of course, inexpensive is relative. Not all that long ago, a brick of 500 .22LR rounds was about $10, or 2 cents a round. Nowadays, .22LR is more like 8 cents a round, while decent basic pellets are about 2.5 cents a round, and premium pellets can run 10 cents a round or more.

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