Day: October 1, 2014

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

10:02 – I got a fair amount done on the book yesterday, including reformatting it using the O’Reilly/MAKE stylesheet. Not that I think O’Reilly/MAKE would be interested in publishing a prepping title, but their stylesheet has lots of useful features, such as pull-outs for Notes, Warnings, and Sidebars. And, if it does turn out that they’re interested in buying the print rights at some point, the manuscript will already be properly formatted for their production folks. If O’Reilly/MAKE doesn’t want it, I’ll just self-publish the paper version on Amazon CreateSpace.

Poor Don, our UPS guy. He doesn’t know it yet, but I ordered a few thousand rounds of ammunition, which UPS is supposed to deliver Friday. That order includes 1,200 rounds of 5.56mm and 600 rounds of .357, which aren’t light, but the real killer is the 1,000 rounds of 12-gauge shotgun shells. Of course, there’s all the 7.62mm, .44 Special, and probably a couple more I’ve forgotten. Oh, yeah, and the 100 rounds of .22LR, which is all they allow in a single order.

12:43 – This makes for some scary reading, particularly since I believe Mr. Warner is optimistic: Mass default looms as world sinks beneath a sea of debt

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