Day: October 30, 2014

Thursday, 30 October 2014

10:44 – Work on the prepping book continues. I haven’t posted any draft chapters to the mailing list yet because I changed the way I’m doing things. Originally, I had 30+ chapters stubbed out and intended to post each of them as I finished the first draft.

That turned out to sub-optimal because of the way I write, which I should have realized in the first place. Having 30+ chapter documents active makes it too hard to keep track of what I’m doing and where. The book will actually comprise three major sections: The First 30 Days, The First Year, and Long Term. So I now have only three documents, one for each of those sections, and I can jump around in each as I think of things I want to include. So the upshot is that things are currently a complete mess, and certainly not ready for anyone to look at. But this is the way all of my books have been this early in the process, and I should have known that this one would be no different.

One thing I do need to do soon is run some of this draft material through Amazon’s CreateSpace formatter. If there are going to be problems with formatting, better I know now so that I can fix the problems early rather than waiting until the first draft is complete and having to reformat all of it.

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